Returns of The Scarf

Surely all remember that picture of the early 60s, in which Bert Stern photographed with a chiaroscuro effect holliwoodiana the timeless beauty of Marilyn Monroe covered only by a semitransparent scarf that brought out his silhouette.

Also we remember the scarf tied in her hair mo ‘end, the most bizarre and ethnic colors to create the most extravagant hairstyles and what particular. The scarf, which in recent years had been overshadowed by other accessories, from mini scarves, sarongs to, and certainly not very evaluated during the hot summers, he returned to the office. The catwalks of Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs were filled with saucy and casual look thanks to the return of this trend. Simple and combined with any head from jeans to dresses, to mini shorts.The only attention should be that of the accessories to match: they must be sought, particular but simple lines, in order not to overdo it and fall into the tacky. Daring, but with style.

How to use the headscarf?

Usually you add a scarf to hairstyles like the bun, but it can also be used with a rubber band function, knotting it around a ponytail high, but left a ruffled effect and as natural as possible, not too composed and austere.

Or you can just use it as a headband tying the scarf around his neck and leaving the free hair and fluffy, maybe with some soft wave.

You as you wear it?