Retro Fashion: Designer Creates Brand with Vintage Pieces

If a few years ago, a round waistline with high waist and knee length meant “old” and “outdated” fashion, today, the vintage and retro style has never been so high on the streets or on the catwalks.

Keeping an eye on this trend, fashion designer and entrepreneur Ariane Primo decided to immerse herself in the study of vintage pieces and created her own brand, Santa Fe .For her, this was a niche market that was not yet explored.

“From my childhood my father would take me to thrift stores and old furniture stores, until, talking to my boyfriend several times, we came to the conclusion that it was possible to explore the vintage market, and that’s what I’m doing,” explains the designer according to THEFREEGEOGRAPHY.COM.


Retro and delicate look of the brand ‘Santa Fé’

Initially, Ariane started making and selling bags at a store in the Galeria do Rock – the mall with alternative stores in the central region of São Paulo.Today, she sells her vintage men’s and women’s pieces on the internet and in shopkeepers.The pieces of Santa Fe that illustrate this matter are for sale in Vitrine Catraca Livre .

“What inspires me when it comes to creating is sometimes to listen to an old song or just to be quiet in my room.It depends a lot on the day.I’m sometimes on the train and I start to scribble and there a piece comes out.”.Check out the pieces in the gallery below: