Rescue Your Length of Pull and Bear for This Christmas

This year the economic crisis It has cut the budgets for spending on clothes and purchases made during these months can use perfectly wearable in one party this Christmas, no need to proceed to checkout.

To celebrate this, we rescued some of our favorite looks of Pull and Bear, collection autumn-winter 2009 / 2010. Suitable and fashionable dresses.

The new collection of Christmas of Pull and Bear shows us some trends and based on these ideas, we rescued the dresses may have more than one in your closet, and if they are not the same, very similar.

The sequin they dominate and it is one of the most encouraging for a good party, as well as for a Black minidress that combined with some boots of the same color and a few successful studded detail. Adds to dress a blazer and a vintage denim shirt.

In one longer version, We have this silver sequined dress with a matching French sleeve jacket in black, to match the boots and socks to his knees. Can not miss the Add-ins: Neither bracelets and scarf.

The sequins and shines we can also look them at the cardigans or blazers choose, opting for more groundbreaking looks and that sure we also have place among so many classic choice. The pictures shorts mingle with a printed t-shirt and again with high socks and booties.

The appearance Rock We got it with a Leggings PVC and a jacket or vest of leather, but this option is very minority for a Christmas party.

Better keep something that touch modern and casual but to keep the style of party. Something like this blazer combined with a miniskirt of ruffles and small pictures. You can not miss the touch of the lace stockings neither nor the black shoes.

The floral print It is a very flattering option, you will not be so often repeated as other dresses, so it may be a choice to distinguish itself from the rest very well. Especially if we combine it with a black blazer, boots of musketeer and clutch game.

That Yes, if we want something more casual or not going of none of the above dresses style, will always have the option to mix dress and jeans.

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