Prepares Your Suitcase for The Christmas Holidays with Style: Cruise 2010 Fashion Trends

Some lucky have days of These holiday Christmas, but the most fortunate of all will enjoy these holidays somewhere less temperate or hot climate, as in the Canary Islands or a beach paradise in the southern hemisphere.

Overlooking these holidays in those fled low temperatures created the Cruise collections, that we go ahead little by little the new trends expected in spring-summer 2010.

As always, Teen Vogue brings us an evocative Publishing House with one of the trends stronger rammed the sunshine of spring.

A mixture of sailor striped and tropical flowers retro style. Afraid to mix prints? None. Fashion always is responsible for countering those judgements about style that seem mandatory, how to avoid combining stripes with flowers or different prints of flowers each other.

And is that if the Sailor striped were all a hit this winter, with more reason become so as soon as they begin to raise temperatures.

The best way to start to look together stripes and flowers is with a brooch imitating an exotic flower, as proposed Marc Jacobs.

But once you start, how to resist this flowery Bullfighter of Diane Von Furstenberg to wear it on top of your t-shirt favorite marinera.

Favorite ringtones for these tropical prints they are the purples, green jungle, or intense pink.

And the flowers extend also to the bikinis and swimwear, so we will have to start thinking about preparing the case with any of these parts that seem straight out of the trunk of the grandmother.