Portal of Online Buying and Selling Vintage Chest

The portal will provide a means for buyers and sellers to connect to find and sell vintage, retro and antique products on the internet.

Hits the market the online site Vintage Trunk (www.bauvintage.com.br), a portal bringing together diverse products with vintage and retro appeal, in the categories of clothing, accessories, decor, antiques, collectibles and electronics.

Still under development, the portal is designed for buyers and sellers of retro and vintage products, for all the people who are crazy for the past. So, the portal offers the online environment right to sell products and/or find an item you’re looking through your easy usability according to anycountyprivateschools.com.

With the vintage and retro market in full expansion, the chest Vintage comes to fill the gap of online stores which allow the customer to find everything you need in one place, without having to leave the House and without worrying about the security of payment. To perform the registration, the customer can either make a sale or a purchase. For sale, pre-register the product is made with quality photos and description of it. So, the registration shall be approved by the staff of the site, to ensure that the product fits in the context of the site and that your description/pictures are satisfactory.

The great advantage is that the seller will be exposing your product to a targeted public, no need to worry about the technological structure of the online store, as well as safety requirements and form of payment, which are already offered in our platform.

The consumer can do on this website to find several products in one place, adding value to the shopping experience. In addition, ends up having access to the most competitive prices, you can buy different tenants paying for products in a single transaction.