Pajamas Baby… What Do You Choose?

The first thing I bought you to Pitusa was a precious, so little Pajama… It was two months pregnant so as yet I did not know that it was going to be girl I caught it in neutral tones, cute pyjamas, but at that moment I fixed or that whether or not comfortable for donning and doffing or comfortable for the baby, something to which then if that gave a lot of importance because during the first two months is what most gets les as they are more comfortable and also used many a day. Ebbs and caquitas departing Pitusa honeycomb used at the beginning about three or four daily pajamas.

I bought different types of baby Pajamas from and has been my experience with them:

* Pajamas with brackets in the bum. They are incomodisimos! I’ve only had a couple and they seem very cute but little practical because you have to turn upside down the baby to be able to fasten the brackets.

Pajamas with brackets ahead. They are classic, they are not very fast to put but if comfortable. I buy them in Primark, Carrefour or C & A, which are well priced and give good results.

* Zippered pajamas. All a find! They are very comfortable and are removed in just a few seconds. My husband is thrilled with them because it is wrong with clasps, lol. Buy them at Carrefour (I imagine that they will have them in other stores but I’ve only seen them here).

* Two-piece pajamas. Seem to be comfortable for when they are older and do not carry diaper, because babies as they move much sleeping gets them and they can catch cold in the kidneys.

* Pajamas with scratch-resistant mittens. They are perfect for the first days because given the return to the sleeves and covers them with hands so they will not scratch. I’ve only had one that we gave and was obtained from Mothercare.

These are the Pajamas that had. Which those who are most like you?