Not without My Bandana

The 90s fashion Returns to be present in our day to day: bandanas they want to join us again. Whether decorating the collar, our hair or mode cuff, these scarves come with force with the intention of staying. Models, styles and shades vary, as well as tissues.

In this way we can choose between a version XXL, a model made in silk or cotton classic red model. Not know what you decide? Here are more options that will it put still more difficult…

You are looking for your best choice

  • Claire’s, 4.99 Euro Red.
  • White and blue of Bershka, 7,99 EUR.
  • Extra long version of Saint Laurent, 525 euros.
  • With the symbols of the Zodiac of Asos, 8,49 EUR.
  • Orange in Zara, 15.95 euros XXL.
  • Blue of Sally & Circle, 9,95 EUR.