New Yamaha XJR 1300 Comes with Vintage

“After influence fashion and decoration, the vintage trend is influencing the motorcycles,” said Shun Miyazawa, Manager of Yamaha’s products in Europe. Dressed in a Plaid Shirt, vest and beret the old-fashioned way, Miyazawa was one of the responsible for renewing the naked XJR 1300, a Japanese factory launches in 2014 Intermot, Motorcycle Hall of Cologne (ALE). Seeking inspiration in classic lines of old models that return to the past came with full force also in the two-wheel sector.

Although the classic look and your huge four-cylinder engine with air cooling, the “new” XJR 1300 is not exactly the same as the original model. The leakage was painted black, aluminum side covers resemble those used in the race bikes of the years 1970 and the Bank’s ground.

The “backyard” for production line

In recent years, Yamaha has worked with several professional customizadores to create a series of concepts called “Yard Built”, something like “built in the back yard”. This experience brought a lot of inspiration for the development of new products from Japanese plant that incorporated the design of the customizadores to their creations.

“We were inspired by rereading what people did in their old models for renewing the XJR 1300”, reveals Miyazawa. This inspiration also gave rise to XJR 1300 Racer, a version with carbon fiber fairing and semi-guidões, like the ones used on track bikes used to be.


The XJR 1300 has remained faithful to the concept of the original model to be a motorcycle with motorcycle guy, that is, a naked bike. Beautiful and functional at the same time. “The lighthouse without fairing is there to light up. The tank, to load fuel, anyway no item is there by chance. All have a purpose, “explained Miyazawa at the launch of the model. And the customizations they had an important role in this renewal of the XJR.

The main change is aesthetic in the tank: instead of the huge reservoir of 21 litres of the original model, a new, narrower and with a capacity of 14.5 litres was constructed. A change in practice that, besides improving the fit of the legs, was made possible by the electronic fuel injection system that dosa best the fuel-air mixture delivered to the four cylinder in-line.

With 1,251 cm ³ capacity, the tetracilíndrico has air cooling, dual camshafts (DOHC) and four valves per cylinder. Although cables and pipes old-fashioned red, your performance is current: produces 98 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and good 11.1 kgf m maximum torque at 6,000 rpm.

Another update welcome was made in suspensions. The front fork has treatment DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) in inner tubes to provide more progressive operation. Already the bichoque rear balance system won the reinforcement of Öhlins dampers with gas reservoir and adjustable.

A wide aluminum handlebar, solo seat, a species of numberplate (numeral card) and aluminum exhaust system 4-2-1 with a black tip complete visual custom bike factory. Available in blue/white, matte grey and black, Yamaha XJR 1300 has a suggested retail price of 10,390 Euros, in Italy, or about R $35,000.

Café racer version

Also influenced by fashion Cafe racer and the Eau Rouge, a XJR 1300 customized by famous God workshop Ex-Machina, Yamaha has also launched a new version of XJR 1300, called “Racer”. With the same specifications of the naked, but with a visual track bike of the year 1970, the Racer brings a carbon fiber fairing covering just the lighthouse and the round dials of the dashboard. There is also a cover of the Bank on the same material.

To strengthen the proposal “Cafe racer” the new version brings two semi-guidões instead of wide handlebars and high base model. In this way, offers a more sporty riding position and consistent with the race bikes of yesteryear. Sold also in three color options, the XJR 1300 EUR 11,590 out somewhere around R $38,000, also in Italy.

Although the vintage wave is making the head of motorcyclists in Europe and in Japan, the trend has not yet landed in Brazil, at least not officially, because the factories here installed do not bring models with this inspiration. This is bad news to the Brazilian motorcycle most nostalgic. There is no forecast and even the Yamaha plans to bring the XJR 1300 and not your Racer version for the Country.