My Luggage With Style

You go on holiday? Do you know how to prepare your luggage so you do not miss anything? 
It is quite common not to know what to put in the suitcase to go on vacation, and at the end we end up filling the bags of endless “just in case” that make us go overcharged. Just in case it rains, just in case it refreshes, sometimes it is so difficult to hit with what we will actually use!
We are going to give you some small tips, to mount your luggage with the highest efficiency, and yes, always with the maximum style possible.

1- To determine if we are going on vacation to a beach or mountain area, so think of a day, afternoon or evening look adapted to the area.
2- Another determining factor, is that the clothes of the suitcase combine with each other, not to take clothes that you like, although you can not combine with another, because in the end you will not put it on.
3- If the area is beach, you can not miss a shorts , short monkey or dress to put on the swimsuit or bikini at the time of going to spend the day at the beach.
4- For the afternoon/evening walks, nothing better than a fluid and colorful dress, or capri pants, with navy print blouse.
5- The look for the night, must be radiant, to show the color of the skin. One of the trends of this summer, the black combined with glitter, the brilli-brilli is a sure hit, you can even dare with a long dress in large sizes,which combined with high heels will give you a very stylized and attractive look.