Must Have: Printed Shirt

Heyyy  heyy!

Shirts and blouses should be two of the most viewed items in women’s closets is not it?! They can be used with almost everything and have easy combination, so they are members present in every day of the world.

The social models with fine fabrics and also casual patterned models are the darlings of the fashionistas, even if they can not overcome the white shirt. They go well with everything from shorts and skirts to trousers, and of all lengths according to Babyinger.

To start with, you just have to choose which style you want to wear, and first of all, what pieces will be the main ones of the look and what others you have that you can combine. So they can test varied options for different events.

The most viable and popular way is to wear with pants, tando in models of tailoring like jeans. Everything will depend on the way you combine it. Silk or satin shirts or blouses create a great contrast to leather and denim, invest heavily in destroyed and belts with different prints of the garment for a more youthful look.

Also bet on wearing open with a more basic piece underneath, or even over wearing a belt around the waist, it gets too much!

Not only for the more classic, the midi skirts are a success and bring a sophisticated air to the production. To finish, blazers, jackets and scarves finish the look. To create new possibilities, dare with moletons(in winter) and other sporting pieces that are in evidence. Remember that masculine looks are everything!

And to top it off, shorts are also key pieces. What makes the look a “desire” is always something of personality, so enrich it with something strong. The sneakers and boots conceptualize and the sandals can give a more feminine touch.

Bora check the looks? Breathe in without fear. I have separated casual, classic, stripped.. It has for all tastes and ages!

Do not forget that some accessories make all the difference in giving a “UP” in the look.

And so, did you like the looks? And the cool thing is that this piece does not even have to be a trend to be used, just like the traditional white or black.