More Than Trendy Bicycle Helmets

You always more naturally belong to the cityscape: cyclist with helmet. Right now in the spring time, where the bicycles are again taken out from the shed, this is particularly evident. Careful times. By the company rose, in collaboration with the independent market research Institute research now, study for “Cycling in Germany 2014”, shows the increasing trend toward helmet wearing. The head protection is becoming increasingly important. Also for you?

The study was collected in March 2014 with an online questionnaire. Were asked 1006 participants aged 16-65 years, of which 49% men and 51% of women.

The trend in the overview

Why do cyclists wear helmets?

84 percent feel simply safer with a helmet

38 percent are afraid of head injuries

17 percent had an accident ever, that is every sixth

3 percent to wear a helmet according to own statements, because nowadays almost everyone wears one and they want to be not negative

Exemplary 44 percent want to be a role model for kids, which are almost half of the helmet carrier

The reasons for wearing a helmet are indeed different, but what is clear is that most people have a certain need for security. A helmet is a meaningful response. 11 percent of those surveyed believe that wearing a helmet contributes to security in road transport.

McTREK also offers a range of bicycle helmets . New arrivals are helmets of the company Uvex, which are for 80 years with high-quality and innovative products for the protection of individuals in leisure, sport and business on the market. The safety of children is especially important, therefore we introduce a helmet for kids here.

Uvex quatro junior helmet

He must sit correctly, because a helmet only provides the best security. Head but is not equal to head, the fit is not only based on the scope. Also something is altered in children with growth permanently. Uvex has found an excellent solution with the IAS system to change not only the adjustment. The integrated fit system provides in each direction ensure that the helmet fits perfectly to the individual shape of the head. Millimetre and in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, the children can handle easily the helmet. This has been realized with the MONOMATIC closure. He can open and close with only one hand on push of a button. So the chin strap is always perfect. Is it really a fall on the head, then the rugged and shock-resistant inmould construction ensures highest safety standard for cycling. The colors also provide good visibility. For more information, see here.

For adults, there are following models Uvex: Uvex oversize bicycle helmet, Uvex Magnum bike helmet, or Uvex i-vo cc bike helmet wishes you a safe journey all cyclists.