More Cool Summer Shoes Are in Instagram (And Yes, Trend)

Often, is an accessory like shoes getting praise a look. Sometimes, even develop in the key piece of the outfit, hogging all the attention and making the whole turn around them. This is the case with some of the shoes that don’t let see Instagram in all and each one of the accounts of fashion we follow why? As well, because trend and there is no fashionista on the face of the Earth this summer not looking (at least) a couple of shoes more in summer.

Oxford platform

on 29 may, 2016 (s) 1:37 PDT

They were born at the dawn of the ugly shoes and some of the more mastodónticas, as the Stella McCartney track-soled booties Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 that fashion were more than two years ago. However, the oxford double-soled shoes they have managed to remain on the crest of the wave. Undeterred, ferrous. And Yes, you are cool all.

Espadrilles with embroidery

the 2016 (s) May 27 2:33 PDT

Who does not remember the famous espadrilles with the logo of Chanel overlaid on them? If two years ago live the boom of the espadrille, ojocuidao, because this summer comes loaded with all models of embroidered details, Although mostly refer to tropical symbols or even, fruits.

And you, are more cherries or watermelon?

Destalonados moccasins

24 may 2016 (s) 10:07 PDT

The destalonados moccasins of this summer are legacy of other ugly shoes, u-boat shoes Gucci yeti that only some bloggers as Leandra Medine have dared to look (of course, she, who if not!)

Their little brothers, which you can see in the picture, have become in the Instagram shoes it. There is no fashionista that boasts that it has not made a and something tells me that soon We will see more than one clone in the connection.

Flat shoes with tip

7 Jun, 2016 (s) 5:24 PDT

They are the great alternative of the dancers and they have managed to mix two trends in the same design shoe, which adds points in the final score. Flat shoes, destalonados and with Interwoven strips they are called to be the shoe all the Riviera girl you will want to wear this summer.

And it is not surprising, because monkeys are a time.


on 28 may, 2016 (s) 11:55 PDT

For the lovers of the heels and those looking for a shoe that allows them to achieve some centimetres more, its best allies this season they no doubt: the mules. In addition, to their joy should emphasize that they are everywhere. There is chain low cost not have released to the pool with some model of slippers and there are even those who have decided to clone the favorite slippers of the star system, of Mansur Gavriel.

Mid-heel loafers

19-2016 (s) may 10:30 PDT

They are also made in Gucci but have little to do with the destalonados moccasins of the previous picture, this design of Moccasin with mid square heel detail of front fringes are a risky any where, even though it has managed to conquer the hard core of it girls and already there are many bloggers and fashion instagrammers who have decided to include them in your closets (mega).

And you, what model you prefer?