Mocassim Shoe – It’s Trendy!

Who does not remember the slip-on shoes? Footwear with a very simple characteristic, traditionally known to have details of the chest of the foot, in which it was very successful in the years 1960. The footwear became very well known after being seen in the feet of great personalities of that time, like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, for example.
However, in the old days the moccasin shoe was only part of the women’s clothing, but with time it was forgotten in the bottom of the wardrobe . The good news is that the shoe has returned with everything to the walkways and windows of the footwear stores, but the difference is that footwear does not appear restricted only to men’s clothing, but now women can also use and abuse this type of footwear.

Mocassim Shoe – It’s Trendy

The moccasin shoe became a trend of fashion , in summer mocassim shoe was present in the main editorials and renowned fashion magazines. Outstanding brands such as Prada and Balenciaga took their moccasin footwear to their collections, as well as other brands that have made the moccasin more modern and trendy, giving new faces to the footwear, such as Marc Jacobs and Miu Mil.

Traditionally used by the male public, moccasin shoes have appeared this season with new modeling, bare shoulders and a touch of femininity to be a part of women’s clothing. The temperature has brought several re-readings of the shoe, can be seen even with models of heels, mixing modernity and a vintage touch for its production.

Initially, slip-on shoes appeared shyly on women’s feet, those who bet without fear in the trend were the avant-garde style girls and women who began to fashion among the female audience. From there, the trend has been and is being very well accepted by women of different styles. Check out some tips on how to wear your moccasin shoes.

How to use the shoe Moccasin:

Because they are originally designed with looks and characteristics dedicated to men, the moccasin has a more masculine look, so it should be worn with more feminine and delicate pieces such as dresses, skirts and shorts. The accessories should also be part of the production, to increase its production and leave your appearance lighter and younger, breaking that sober aspect of the footwear.

To set up a more formal production, betting on tailored trousers, or those old “capris” trousers and cropped trousers, with the bar folded, is ideal. The leggings and skinny pants are perfect for composing more casual and feminine productions, especially if combined with blouses and t-shirts basique.

To create a modern look, the tip is to choose the shorts. The models of shorts can be made with jeans and they are perfect with the colored moccasins. The shorts made of leather can be worn at night, and are worn with lacquered loafers. Finish production with t-shirts and cardigans to make production even more modern and bare.

For the most lackluster productions, the long skirts look great with the moccasin. Compose a production with a long skirt, a little regatinha and a thin belt to mark the waist and value the silhouette. You will have a very cool and extremely stylish look with your moccasin. In more serious productions, invest in a basic black dress with more modern and neutral moccasins.

For the most romantic and delicate productions, the moccasins combine very well with the productions made with sneakers. Dresses in soft fabrics and floral prints look perfect with the most delicate and light colored loafers. As well as the round and draped skirts that result in an extremely feminine and romantic production.

Check out some inspirations on how to wear your moccasin shoes:


– Accessories such as belts, necklaces and wipes, are perfect when combined with moccasin shoes.

– If you happen to opt for more printed clothes, the brown moccasin is ideal, because it leaves the look balanced, in the right media.

The colorful moccasin models help to modernize your look, so do not think twice about investing in colorful moccasin models to brighten up your production.

– Despite being a footwear with modern characteristics, the moccasin shoe is totally sporty, being used exclusively for casual occasions.