Minimalist Style Than The Bloggers 7 Keys Stored in The Manga

The Scandinavian-style influencers have that je-ne-sais-Terra that makes the most simple and basic look stellar. We don’t refer to their origin, the Nordic style is much more. It is one way of understanding the very minimalist fashion, coup of neutral colors and key parts. Want to know how to get it? These are the seven ACEs that are hidden in the sleeve and that make them shine like that more.

1. the oversize, best with leggings shirts

Practicality is a liable in the Nordic style, the way they understand the trends. Therefore, the winter stars are the XXL shirts and leggings, which have earned the Cowboys the career of comfort. And better if combined together will be! That Yes, so that the final result will not be too casual, they they tend to add delicate jewellery or any bag design. Few garments, but exquisitely combined.

2. the classic shirt, now with sports

The minimalist influencers are great defenders of the basic and iconic garments. A good coat, a jeans or a classic shirt, those blue stripes, are their best ally. However, to escape both classicism combined it with sneakers, mostly white. In that way rebejan the sophisticated effect of the shirt and make it an article of every day.

A photo published by Ann Kim (@andyheart) 12 Nov, 2016 (s) 7:39 PST

3. grey + black, combo finish

If there are two colors that endorsen the flag of minimalism, they are black and grey. Neutral tones that combine quite yet, but a good lover of Nordic style will always be together. In Nordic language (more or less): black grey is what the bread with butter. Separable, Yes, but much better when they are together.

4. the leather is your best friend, walk out

The minimalist stylings tend not to seek attention too: maintain a profile low in colors, combinations and excesses. However, the fabrics are his undoing. There is where all the magic: hair coats, out clothing and, the absolute number one, the leather in black color for everything or, failing that, synthetic leather or PVC.

A photo published by Camille Charrière (@camillecharriere) 30 Oct 2016 (s) 10:21 PDT

5 coats, bigger better

Spacious large, masculine style. In very sober colors like the camel or grey, with flaps and always up to the feet. For, as we said, the minimalist looks for practicality above all. A good coat It has to be warm, warm and oversize, to accommodate volume underneath all the layers of the world.

A photo published by Camille Charrière (@camillecharriere) 22 Dec, 2016 (s) 3:39 PST

A photo published by Christine (@fash_n_chips) 22 Nov, 2016 (s) 12:14 PST

6 Mom jeans and boots

If anyone knows to take advantage of some good style mom jeans are the minimalist influencers. And is that they dominate the proportions to the millimeter and know that to counteract the mom jeans baggy cut there is nothing like a good heel booties, you raise the look without forcing it or dress it in excess.

A photo published by Ann Kim (@andyheart) 4 Dec 2016 (s) 2:13 PST

7. the pictures are the only valid pattern

If there is something that this Nordic-style not dominate are prints. What can we do, nobody is perfect. It is more than total looks and spot colors without paraphernalia. However, from time to time There is a print that loves to incorporate in their looks: pictures or print checked, to create outfits that leave us literally to pictures.