Midi Rings

They have invaded the shops of accessories and now our hands!

It is a trend that is definitely here to stay. That at first glance may seem uncomfortable, yet just enough to use them once to get used to them.

These small rings have come to revolutionize the way to decorate our fingers. You might think that this circumference small is a new proposal of our era, but it is not so. In fact, the rings midi have been present in fashion since the Renaissance, where people from the high society were portrayed using these media as part of their dress rings.

It has now taken up this practice, especially in styles Bohemian and hippie chic, where the rings are a must-have accessory of the concept.

Usually sold in packs and with rings of normal stature, it initially caused confusion apparently of very small size. They came to be used only in the little finger or be dismissed. Little by little the proposal it was landing and began to use correctly, in the Middle phalanges of fingers, the place for which are really designed, among the finger tip and the knuckle.

It is normal at first to not know how to combine them, but try using more of one and without replacing the rings that you use regularly. Choose from silver or gold and tries to create a balance by using them. Forget the “less is more”, if you like wearing big rings, combine them with finite midis, and if you use thin rings, use midis thick or larger as letters or inlaid motifs.

They are thousands of combinations that you can do with them, but remember that to wear them, it is essential to a flawless manicure. Try to avoid very large bangles or bracelets so your rings are the focal point of your hands.

So you know, the midis are definitely a trend more fashionistas to follow, and since the rings always have been and will continue to be one of the most current accessories, more are a “must have” in your jewelry box.

Become one of your key accessories and I assure you that once you use them already you can not stop making it!