Men’s Clothing Essential: Mesh V-Neck

Is she thick fleece or lightweight cotton, it would not be new to anyone here in the Channel Male to say that mesh is the piece that everyone can have in the wardrobe during the autumn and the winter, because it is an outfit tremendously versatile and useful, used with simplicity by the top of a t-shirt or at looks more elaborate in layers to protect from cold, in addition to the mesh always gives a finish more refined to the combination of winter, leaving the look more cohesive and stylish.

Men’s Clothing Essential Mesh V-Neck

But maybe you’re wondering why it has to be precisely on the mesh with V-neck, so let’s see the facts:

  • The V-neck draws attention to your face, something very useful, especially for those who want to disguise the tummy;
  • Works well with a t-shirt, giving you the opportunity to explore the combination of colors between the two parts;
  • With the shirts is even better, because it makes the collar fully shows without strangling your user as it happens with the collar bald;
  • Tends to give a slightly stretched in silhouette;
  • Integrates the look of the work without affecting much the formality of the costume, at the same time that complements the look casual without letting it very sober.

See below for some more comments and suggestions for outfits using knitted V-neck:

Note: Another feature of this type of clothing is the ease of transport and storage, turd fold it with care and colacá it in a pouch if not needed at that moment, cool, but not too much, still gives to use it with the sleeves rolled up!