Meet the Main Gems Before Choosing Your Jewelry

The precious stones are different from common stones, and your appearance more characterized by your beauty, colour, transparency and brightness.Each with your own character, their own components and meanings. The first is found in so-called miners or in the mines, after being properly polished turns into an artifact of jewelry. The precious stone is also called “gem” and has your value determined by the rarity of your color, clarity, cut and weight. Meet the main gems and their characteristics:

The diamond has a hardness value high, allowing it to be embedded in various types of jewelry and molded in a variety of formats, in addition to being tough. The fact of being very bright also makes highly coveted. In addition, this is the stone with greater durability between the range of treasures offered at the market and not lose the brightness. The only material able to “scratch” the diamond is the diamond itself, making it a great choice for making jewelry that will last for generations.

The green stone can be found in deposits in Colombia, in the region of Goiás-Brazil-Russia and Zimbabwe. She’s not as tough as the diamond and can be scratched. Therefore, the preservation of jewels that contains this material should be made carefully. She can present some “holes” in your composition, so it doesn’t have the hardness value so high. But this is important information to help you identify the real emeralds.

The Sapphire is often found in blue color and is considered very valuable by experts. Can also be found in Orange, a rare and highly coveted. Has high hardness value, which makes it ideal for the stoning of large pieces. They can be produced in the laboratory, as well as the Ruby (red color).

Blue Sapphire was the stone used in the Covenant of marriage of the Prince of Wales to Princess Diana, and is also the stone used by graduates of the courses of architecture, administration, Agronomy, fine arts, performing arts, Astronomy and engineering.

Natural rubies are very rare, but are also produced in the laboratory, as happens with the Sapphire. From the same source, this is also a very bright stone, faceted, which further enhances this feature. It was one of the stones used in the composition of the Crown of King Edward of England, made in 1661, and used in coronations and ceremonies of the British royalty at the time.

Lapis lazuli
Is a dark rock type commonly used in the making of jewelry. It’s not bright and with transparencies as those listed previously, but it is also beautiful. Most of the copies has particles of other materials, such as pyrite, making this specimen to be much appreciated by lovers of the jewelry. They are found in Afghanistan and in large quantity in Chile, where there are many craftsmen specialized in producing parts with the stone. As this is a type of rock with very high hardness, it is possible to use it also to produce sculptures, pens and vases.