Maxi Earrings

I need a stylist… To my ears. Well, as is. I’m from which they take many holes motivated by the images I see on Pinterest precious outfits for this part of the body. But when you have to dress to the mine I’m blank. I do not know how to combine all the pending I have in the jewelry box and everything seems silly to me. But this season the designers put it us easy: the excesses are and giant earrings. It was time that someone thought of them and give them all the prominence they deserve…

When the river sounds…

It is to draw attention, gigantic sizes and ornate earrings. It’s never enough in this type of complement, and the only but we see him is the weight that may be to our precious ears. We have to monitor that it could cause damage to the hole, although most designers take into account this data and create lightweight models.


These earrings you will fall in love with

  • Earrings with green rhinestone from H & M, 19.99 EUR.
  • Earrings shaped pin of Pull & Bear, 4.99 Euro.
  • Stones of Black River Island, 13.33 EUR.
  • Golden rings from Collage Vintage by Maria Pascual, 35 euros.
  • Black and gold rings of New Look, 7,99 EUR.
  • Long earrings of crystals from H & M, 19.99 EUR.
  • Earrings shaped link in cheap price from, 15 euros.
  • Earrings with faceted crystals of Mango, 9,99 EUR.