Marriage Day or Night?

Planning a wedding party is not an easy task. Starting to prepare a few months earlier and being organized is of fundamental importance. Another detail that the bride and groom should choose is the party time. The more traditional one prefers at night, but others have always dreamed of a wedding during the day. All the pros and cons of this choice must be weighed in the balance. If all is not well planned, your so dreamed “big day” can become a real failure.

Marriage Day or Night

Advantages of Evening Wedding

Unless you live in the Sahara Desert, it is undeniable that nighttime temperatures are much more pleasant than during the day. But if you live in a city where the cold is very intense, the temperature can be a hindrance in choosing the wedding dress and that is not good. Another advantage is that the bride has much more time to get ready and the risk of being late is much lower although even at night, the marriage takes a little longer than the scheduled time.
One detail that must be thought of is the style of music at the time of the party. At night you can put a dance floor with DJ that comes out much cheaper than a band. Hiring a DJ for a ceremony that will take place during the day does not suit much. With the wedding being held at night, the risk of giving something wrong is much less, since you have had all day to get the last details missing or had a problem. For example, if you have lost a lot of weight you have time to call the seamstress and give a few dots of the dress so that it molds to the body.

Advantages of daytime wedding

Get ready to spend a lot less. Firstly because party places are cheaper when rented for the day than for the night. Night time is more disputed by people and so the price rises. Second, people (especially men) usually consume a lot more alcohol at night. No one is going to get puffed up in the afternoon after a nice lunch that will be served at the wedding.

And speaking of that, here comes another good wedding advantage during the day. You do not have to worry about people driving their fully drunk cars coming home. What’s more, depending on the city, it’s much easier to find a taxi by day than by night. The main disadvantage of a daylight ceremony is for the bride who has to wake up practically at dawn to have a good breakfast, relax a bit and then go to church. But this can be solved: try to organize as much as you can until the night before and you will not have so many upsets the next day to solve.

The concern of many engaged is with the guests. Mainly, those who have children in the family usually leave early because the little ones do not have the same disposition to stay awake until much later as adults. Here too, this problem is resolved because, as the wedding will happen during the day, the guests will stay until the end of the party and not too late for the house.