Male Tricôs: The Classic Aran Sweater

Even the drawings used in heavier fabrics has your history and can be identified if you are inside its main features. We talked of the cable knit sweater and now is the time to point out the characteristics of the classic Aran sweater.

Aran knit features

The knitting Aran bears the name of the islands off the coast of Ireland where this pattern embossed originated. Traditionally he has off white color, because it was all made with sheep’s wool without dye. Today’s withdrawal that lanolin wool, causing the sweater to retain water, but in the old days this was not done, resulting in a plot almost waterproof, that could be used by sailors at any time.

The most common feature of this type of mesh is thick point zigzag design that cuts the piece of the shoulders to the waist and on both sides of the chest, remembering a little cable knit, but not as bulky. Other standards join zig-zag to compose a jersey Aran and, oddly enough, they have a meaning closely connected to the lives of the sailors of the archipelago (see below in “trivia”).

Today, given the needs of fashion, the Aran can be found in various colors, and as cold as sea, grey and green moss, more common, as the neutral, but it’s not impossible to find something in yellow, red or earth tones.

The standard also suffered changes (mixes, actually) and often can’t even to distinguish it from others, but there are still many people who are fans of Aran and like your traditional plot.

Acrylic wool and cotton can also replace sheep’s wool, but without heat and without the same quality and touch.

To use

The male tricôs Aran combinations are limitless. You can wear it with jeans and sneakers or underneath the jacket to work. Some people don’t feel cold in my legs and use the sweater paired with a bermuda, making a look preppy-inspired, but not always results in a visual ok.


  • In Europe you will find knitting sweaters being called pullover or jersey, because that’s how the meshes are called in Britain, the word “sweater” (which was aportuguesado as sweater) is more common in North America;
  • The zigzag cable cross represents the rope used by sailors of the Aran Islands;
  • Other drawings of the plot include the honeycomb (honeycomb) that symbolizes (the bee and) the hard work, the diamond, the wealth and the point-shaped basket, the hope of a fishing.