Lucid FC Clothing

By Carson Griffith/The New York Times News Service

When they were kids, Chet and Betts DeHart, the twins who created the brand of streetwear Lucid FC, faced academic challenges.

-They had a lot of difficulties at school, but my husband and I knew we were going to stand out other than the studies – tells the mother, Jessica DeHart.

At the age of 19 years, the brothers DeHart (or the twins of Lucid, as generally are called), have found your niche and may be about to become real tycoons. Your clothing brand, which started when they were 14 years old, is sold in boutiques A Number of Names, of London, Standard, of Atlanta, Georgia, and VFiles, in New York. The parts, which cost between $13 and $245, include hooded sweatshirts, painter pants and shirts: clothing for the everyday clothes to the ballad according to aristmarketing.

The producer and DJ Alexander Ridha (aka Boys Noize) and the hip-hop artist Makonnen Sheran (ILoveMakonnen to the fans), among others, use. Rihanna is also a fan and gave the brand a force to be photographed using several items, including scant Crest Logo ($ 95) and the CAP Logo Trucker ($ 40).

Hardworking, the boys won the first job to 12 years, in a subsidiary of Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt franchise of your city, Atlanta. According to Jessica, she and her husband, plus a representative of the school where they were studying, they had to sign a consent form so they could work at a very young age.

-They hated each other, but took the $27 that won and came together to buy a good quality pair of shoes – has she, with a laugh.

And they set up a collection.

-The basement was full of tennis – remember Chet DeHart.

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The crucial moment came at Thanksgiving, when the two were in the eighth grade.

-Betts was most interested in the business side. Picked up a shoe and began to tell me how it was done, how many pairs were produced, where and all that. Know everything about the business. I don’t know where it came from this passion-mother continues.

Jessica DeHart, writer of children’s books, lives in Atlanta with her husband, Jeff DeHart, who is a real estate agent, and recalls the time the turn:

-Chet, the more creative, began recording and put in a site that we had never heard of, a YouTube; there Google called and offered to put some ads.

The channel on the video site, the SoleBrothers, turned them into feeling among geeks. How were minors, had no access to money that would win, then an account was created on behalf of the parents. (The old SoleBrothers sequences are now part of the channel of Lucid FC). At the age of 14 years, decided that accumulate tennis was no longer enough.

-Sell all to start our brand and because we wanted to create our own shoes – reveals Chet.

In 2010, with the help of a driving school instructor who had contacts in the manufacture of Asia, have created Lucid Footwear. Thanks to an unconventional arrangement, through which attended high school at Ben Franklin Academy in Atlanta, just at the base of the middle period, might be devoted to career. Changed the trade name to Lucid FC, in 2012, to make it clear that the company was now clothes (and does not produce more shoes).

The DeHart left Atlanta, heading to New York in September 2014, to attend the LIM College, specialized school in the business side of fashion, but dropped out after one semester. During this short period, investigated also the neighborhood specializes in the sector and discovered two names: Johnny Wu Designs (to deal with the parts that needed “cutting and sewing”) and Jonathan Embroidery Plus (which sells items that decorate the logo, similar to a hashtag aside).

-It was not easy to find people to do things for us – says Betts.

-Had a lot of people that we even pay, but that didn’t help us – confirms Chet.

The school managed to free employment in the clothing store VFiles cool-awesome-to-almost-all-world, on Mercer Street, founded by Julie Anne Quay.

-Told Me I had two cute twins buying at the store and of course I went for a look-confesses her.

After about three months, the DeHart served minimal time to work serving the public (and impressed Julie with your knowledge of fashion and music), began to expose parts of the Lucid FC in the showroom. The brothers say that they had no financial help from anyone outside. Living in a one-room apartment on the first floor of a building in New York: one sleeps in the other room, in the living room, between boxes and racks full of samples. Paid a year’s rent in advance, half of which was financed by the parents. Jeff and Jessica DeHart also send $500/month for purchases.

– I guess the only thing you’re eating is granola-play Jessica.

The lawyer Peter Pawlak Jr. is helping them with the issues of trademark and copyright, no charge. The Office, which also comes out for free, belongs to the artist and investor Steven Himmel, the boys knew each other via hip-hop artist Sheran.

– I’ve been there; I was a young man with a dream and always thanked the fact of being able to look back and see how many people helped me conquer my goals – summarizes Himmel.

Among the mentors are also the photographer Steven Klein and Carolyn Murphy, model and Director of women’s fashion from Shinola, of Detroit.