Lingerie Inspiration!

Let’s go to our traditional Friday post! Well, as has a friend’s wedding coming up and I know that every weekend has some around the corner of Brazil (and the world), I found this picture and I decided to share with you.
Is beautiful for brides on duty!

Well, besides giving inspiration for brides on how to make a production for the wedding night.

It’s also great to give an awesome idea: I’ve seen women who do a book sexy for her husband, not only for those who will marry, but on any date. But who is married, may make a “heats up” pretty cool with it. Make a book, or just very sexy picture of you little bride in lingerie, as this above, or with multiple photos, various colors of lingerie, models, baby doll, etc.

But the main tip is: do you deliver the album, go taking a champagne or wine; go see the pictures and doing cuddling … well, you get it right?! But you can make a photo like this above (sweet, little Princess, gentle-men love it too) and have put in the room where you will spend the night, to the side of the bed.

So your fiance/husband to see all the details. This will enhance the night!!!

Oh, but beware:If you finish at the party, let it do the following night. This whole wedding night being on the same night the party not roll, usually the couple are so tired you want more sleep anyway.

Good, depress the imagination, but this tip is super cool! I heard that adoooooram men, see their wives as well! (Oh, who has a fiance, boyfriend, husband, lover, etc, very jealous, my tip is that at the end of the album has a picture with the whole team, the fotográfAA, to make it clear that it was all woman who produced. If not, your wedding night had ever seen a divorce).

Liked it? Has anyone made these books? Share your experience here.

Good weekend!