Lingerie and Swimwear for Expectant Mothers

Also, pregnancy and maternity underwear can be sexy. Czech market offers plenty of brands to choose and each has its own style. But one thing unites – attentive to your comfort, and skin sensitivity. Therefore, the clothes made of cotton fabric, polyamide and lycra.


Ideally, maternity bra should be sewn from cotton, solid enough, with a wide band under the cups with wide straps and fastening at the back. Should you well sit, nowhere not to push, choke, just be comfortable.

Bras, whether the pregnancy or for breastfeeding are mostly made without whalebone, not to cause uncomfortable pressure points. They are sufficiently reinforced to keep your growing breasts. Because breast size during pregnancy is constantly changing is remembered for the possibility to enlarge the clothes one size. (Nipples should be at a level halfway between the shoulders and elbows.) Designers also shall see at the rear, whose strength banishes back pain. Bra for lactating mothers is either equipped with a removable cups, or can be easily untied the whole front part, so do not undress during breastfeeding.

When buying a good reach for one that has a little looser cups. You have to count with the fact that inside during breastfeeding (in some cases, but several weeks before birth) inserted cloth pads prevent leakage and potential social faux pas. Bras are typically produced in several colors. They are most often white or beige, but also easily you can buy underwear black or burgundy. Even during pregnancy do not give up their favorite satin or lace. Lace bra only either flank, or are made purely from this material.

It is also recommended to wear lightweight bra at night, because the breasts become heavy very. On the shelves of specialist stores are also available equipped with various types of linen sewn rubber, which ensures that your bust stays where it is, and also in nice shape. They are suitable for sleeping, but you can safely worn under a shirt or sweater.


The panties is similar to the top parts of underwear. They should be preferably cotton, not tight. For the second half of pregnancy are preferable contrast briefs of elastic material supporting the abdominal wall for relief of back pain. It is not recommended to wear suspenders and lap belts.

They are available with lace panties, bikini, knickers, even maternity thongs. Their wear is appropriate, however, to consult a gynecologist. In fact pregnancy can cause unpleasant infections. Of course there are pants that hide the whole belly. Higher cut passport is adapted belly and in this area is reinforced and flexible, thus maintaining belly in place and prevents unnecessary shocks. Manufacturers also thinks your convenience after birth. Postpartum panties figure form up and download belly up to three sizes.


Swimwear for mums are cost comparable to conventional swimwear. In essence, it does not matter whether you choose a one-piece, or prefer swimsuits in two parts. Anyways you pay for them an amount exceeding 1,000 CZK. Two-piece set mostly consists of panties that are indented below the belly, and vests, which is sewn on the chest reinforcement. Besides specialized stores swimsuits for future mothers often in convenience stores offer a bikini.