Leggings Trend Just Combine

According to deadlyleggings, Leggings are made of today’s fashion hardly imagine. Pleasantly they cling to our legs and sit beautifully on FIG. From boots to pumps many different types of shoes to the narrow trousers are portable.

From classic to failed

Stylish patterned and solid colored leggings as Falke have combined with skirts or longer tops already a must-have in the wardrobe of women.

They come not only from stretchy cotton – the designers have discovered and noble materials such as silk and velvet, lace and satin and do so every Leggings absolute fashion highlight. The skin-tight pants are even available also in leather.

Who wears leggings, about it should be clear that the focus is on the legs. A discreet color selection allows the combination to eye-catching tops example in the trendy ethno or flower print. However, if a high-pitched pattern is seen in the pants, it should top walk around rather quiet.

Courage to figure

Admittedly may Bumble woman not in leggings. Here every pound comes to light and certain substances also still carry on. Anyone thoroughly informed as the tight trousers be worn in some kilos too much really, who can nevertheless show courage to FIG.

Also popular are still the black models. They conjure up in no time a slim leg and are suited to almost all tops and under almost any jacket. You should pay attention, however, with bright colors and large patterned fabrics. Bring even more visually on the scale. Also gloss on leggings should be avoided matte fabrics are more advantageous for the character.

Problem areas around the hip are best concealed with the help of tunic-like cut covers or cardigans. It is important that they are cut longer and rich to the Po. The shoes should be abandoned in low heels, because a little paragraph is an optical extension legs.

A fine new look

The mostly fine mesh screen of leggings allows elegant business look like portability in everyday life alike. In combination with a short skirt or pretty dress the figure-hugging pieces to their best advantage.

The shoes you almost free choice: Here fit both Boots as well as boots, ballet flats or heels. Quite to the occasion should possibly be somewhat restrained here, however, so the outfit total not to act sexy. Although the ultra-high high-heels with studs fit well in the evening, in the workplace are flatter shoes surely the better alternative.

Leggings are not just for summer

Long ago Leggings have established for the winter, which are lined in soft fiber and the outside yet offer by example merino wool protection against extreme cold. So the sexy pants are also in winter to real trend pieces and make under thick short coats or down jackets her a lot.