Learn How to Wear Stripes and Sweep with Elegant Looks

The stripe is one of the most popular and beloved prints by women today. In the Middle Ages, however, it was associated with those on the fringes of society, such as prisoners. Then, the striped print was used by sailors and is, until today, very associated with the navy fashion.

Learn how to wear stripes and sweep with elegant looks

Today, striped clothing is part of the wardrobe of contemporary women and, when wearing a striped outfit, elegance is the watchword, according to style consultant Juliana Leduc. “It can be accompanied by irreverence, but the person who chooses to wear a striped outfit always tries to demonstrate class,” he explains.

To choose your striped pieces, the tip the consultant gives is to take the occasion into account. “Stripes combine with jeans, blazer , more social suits and skirts,” says Juliana. There are several types of stripes, from the thinnest to the thickest, horizontally and vertically, all easy to match and great options for a modern wardrobe.

Options for using stripes

The striped print offers many options of use. She can be present in both a basic blouse and more elegant pieces. Here are some options on how to wear stripes and make combinations with the pieces, aided by the advice of the style consultant.

Striped shirt

The blouse is a great option to invest in a more basic and casual look. According to Juliana, the stripes in black and white are the most used in the blouses. “How versatile they are combined with a midi skirt or tailor’s pants. Who wants something more relaxed can wear a beautiful jeans “, teaches the consultant.

In addition to being easy to match, it allows you to wager on more powerful accessories, such as a maxi necklace or a colorful shoe. For those who are behind a striped sweater, the tip that Juliana gives is to opt for more sedate models. “Striped blouse should not be very fair as it can lose elegance,” he says.

Striped shirt

The striped shirt is a classic in the men’s wardrobe, that’s for sure. But, it also began to be part of the women’s clothing, being modern and very elegant. So it is a great choice for formal jobs. “Yes, they are classic mainly in combination black with white, navy blue with white. We only recommend avoiding colored stripes, “says the consultant.

For those who want to bet on the striped shirt, but do not make the social line, there is an option to invest in less formal shirts, such as linen, and combine with jeans, shorts and more comfortable shoes. Tie a knot at the end of the button, helps to make the shirt more tapered and also more modern.

Striped dress

For those who like to feel feminine, the striped dress is a great choice. The piece is ideal for composing more casual looks, but with the choice of accessories and the right fabric, you can invest in the striped dress for any type of occasion. It is important to be attentive to some details to get it right when wearing the striped dress.

According to the style consultant, your biotype will determine which stripe is the best option for you. “The vertical stripes appear to leave the body more distant and may even disguise the ‘belly’. Only very tall people should avoid it. The horizontal stripes can give the impression of widening and decreasing height, so they may not be very well seen by people with a wide hip, “he says.

Striped skirt and shorts

Both the skirt and the striped shorts are alternatives for those who want to wear stripes on less obvious pieces. With striped shorts, you can create stripped looks just by complementing with a basic sweater and a creeper. Already the skirt brings you more possibilities and there is the option of more bare visuals, but also, more casual and formal.

For those who have a wide hip, according to Juliana’s guidance, keep an eye on the horizontal stripes, as well as drawing attention to the area, the print will give the impression of the region being larger. “Using stripes on the bottom can make you modern, but it’s only valid to invest in the look if you are absolutely aware of your body, or the idea can be a disaster,” says the consultant.

Striped trousers

With the striped trousers you can create modern, democratic and super stylish looks. If you do not want to dare too much, bet on striped pants in neutral colors, like black and white. If your intention is to wear a very modern look, wear a pair of colored pants. However, be careful with the add-ons and, in order not to make mistakes, invest in more neutral pieces.

The vertical striped pants are a great ally for those who want to stretch their silhouette. “Regarding the vertical stripes: the smaller the thickness of the stripes, the more they will give the impression of stretching the silhouette,” added Juliana. The stripes on the horizontal end up doing the opposite effect and flattening the silhouette.

Winter looks with striped parts

Striped parts are also ideal for winter use. As much as the main part of the look, as being just a detail to give more modernity to the look, the striped piece is a great option for cold days. Give preference to warmer fabrics, such as wool.

For those who want to invest in the striped piece in winter, the style consultant gives three options of looks. “For a more social dress code, wear tailored trousers, striped shirt and wallet blazer. Already for a dress code walk, bet on jeans, long-sleeved blouse with black and white stripe, colorful shoe and bag. For the ballad, a high-waisted striped pants, a cropped and a black blazer. “