Learn How to Use Rents Correctly

Rents are a strong trend for this season and the next. Besides leaving with a stylish and feminine air, income can be a differential in the look. And there are for all tastes, all sizes, in blouses, skirts, trousers, shorts etc. And you can still customize your clothes with them because they are very easy to apply.

Learn How to Use Rents Correctly


To give a greater contrast and a little break the delicacy of the texture you can combine the lace with other heavier fabrics. A leather or metallic jacket, which is super trendy, or with a jeans piece. The shorts are ideal, as well as being trendy give a more relaxed air.

Lots of income

Already for those who are romantic in the extreme and love the lace you can give preferences to the lace clear. They are great for composing the whole look because it does not get too loaded. An entire lace dress is romantic and light and if you prefer you can use it with a slight transparency.

But if you like to use lace at all, choose at least different colors like a cream with black. Like a blouse of one color and a cardigan of the other. To match, again the best is to use a piece that gives contrast like a jeans or leather on the bottom.