Lassig Mini Backpack


History of the brand

Known for a long time for the quality of its products, Läßig is a German specialist in the luggage storage brand. Meaning literally casual, Läßig is currently developing various items like layer bags, storage bag, diaper bag and of course the backpacks and travel bags.

During these years of existence, the brand is forged from the originality and the remarkable details of its articles.

School Läßig bags: for whom?

Ranging from bags to layer for baby to the large travel bags, Läßig offers different models of articles.

Indeed, this brand is not limited to the binders for children but expanded its range in distribution of baby items.

Thus, children and adults will be pleased with this brand.

The criteria for choosing his satchel Läßig

The ability/capacity

The choice of the binder of your child depends in part on the capacity of the bag. Indeed, for children in kindergarten class for example, a small satchel 11 × 17 would be adapted to its needs. For primary and middle school students, the large binders are best suited.

These levels of studies require a lot of books and exercise books during the school year.

The colours

Generally, the color of the bag depends on the sex of your child.For little girls, the pink tone remains the trend colour.

For boys, blue is still the dominant color. You can easily find a color of binder suitable for your child among the models of bags Läßig.

For girl or boy?

Läßig has manufactured models of backpack for girls than for boys. Whatever the age or sex of your offspring, you will easily find the perfect bag. Besides, bags Läßig harvest the favourable opinion of those who have tried in recent years.

Best luggage cabin has also compared and tested for you the best cheap backpack models signed Läßig so that you can get more details on the information of an item.

Indeed, you will have less difficulty to choose yours and especially you a product with the best price on the market.

The best models of bag

The binders for girls

Backpack Champi Magenta

This mini backpack named Champi Magenta is a Läßig bag with whimsical colors suitable for girls in kindergarten or first grade.Ideal for school or small walks, this bag Läßig kid is multifunctional. In the large main zipped compartment, you can store the school effects of your child.

On the side, a net pocket can be used to store his gourd. Another small patch Pocket is located on the front for other storage. In the little compartment from underneath, you can put his snack or even his lunch. In fact, this last compartment of the bag is designed to place a battery of cold that can settle with a rubber band to keep optimum freshness.

The comfort will go thanks to its adjustable strap that fits the size of the child who wears. On top of that, matched with this cute bag Läßig backpack Kit is also available.

Backpack Blossy multicolor, Pink

Dedicated to young girls in this and more, this is the model of mini backpack named Blossy Pink. Available in three models, this beautiful backpack motivation for sure your daughter to go to school. It features a large main compartment that can hold books, books, and other.

A compartment easy to open thanks to the zipper placed on the closure. Outside a flat on the front of the bag Pocket is used to the taste. On the sides, two pockets with elastic are perfect for storing the gourd.

Among other things, this mini backpack gives real comfort thanks to its wide adjustable straps, even with a bag being heavy. It is a model known for her resistance thanks to its very sturdy polyester material.

Trolley Mushoom Magenta

Treat yourself to this model of bag Kids Trolley called Mushoom Magenta signed Läßig. The pattern printed on the front shapes the originality of this bag travel and school Läßig. Multifunctional, it can be used both for school and travel thanks to its good size and suitcase-shaped structure that can contain all the essential.

The large main compartment closed with a resistant closure can be used to store books, the books large formats and School Kit. On the front, a small additional compartment offers other storage space.

His two positions height-adjustable handle facilitates the handling of the bag. A model very girly that probably will please your girl!

Backpack trolley Fawn Parma

The famous brand Läßig proposes that Kids Trolley Bag named Fawn Parma dressed by a pattern of animal and a few small flowers. It is a model of bag shaped suitcase with handle adjustable in two positions.

It has a main compartment used to store the books large format effectively.Zipped, it perfectly ensures the safety of school effects the inner structure.

On the front, an additional compartment can store other supplies. A model which will certainly appeal to your little girl.