Labellamafia Clothing Brand

By Mariana Goulart, Catherine Magazine team

Determination, Alice Mandal and hard work. Those were the pillars to the paulista businessman Dinesh Puga transform Labellamafia into a big case of success. Dinesh, like any entrepreneur, found a path full of obstacles, but didn’t give up. Today the brand generates astronomical numbers of followers, fabricated parts and billing. Some say it’s luck, some say it’s work, but all the aspects that led the couple to success were the needs along the way.

The passion for the clothes was at Marco’s family, who have always worked in the multi-brand shops and moved to Florianópolis in 1996. Dhan graduated in fashion, started designing clothes in line nightwear and a fitness line to complement the product mix of the latest Labellamafia. At the time, he and Alice, which add up to almost 10-year relationship, they were together, and the need for clothes for fitness competitions of Alice appeared. That’s when the brand followed towards notoriety: his pieces, leggings, pants were well prepared, with big, strong, and prints had a more aggressive than the Labellamafia. Without money to make a major campaign, the couple bet on clothes that translate the style of Alice, a young journalist who was entering the world of fitness competitions. Alice was training hard and I wish all the girls who wore that pants full of attitude also feel so powerful as she. The DNA of the brand hasn’t changed, this in the woman who manages to work, working out and stand out is increasingly present in the essence of Labellamafia, which is positioned as a motivational fitness according to

The internet was the major ally of the duo, who had to find a way to sell a batch ordered by representatives who never came back to take their orders. The extinct Orkut went into action, but it was the bombastic Facebook who helped in your Ant work Dhan. In your profile posted pictures of Alice that they brew at home. The makeshift Studio worked with the help of a photographer friend of the couple, which made everything ready for the click: the camera and lights, the place where Alice should be and then editing the picture in the Paintbrush.

With the experience in the apparel market, Dinesh used this strategy to the demand of its products: before producing large-scale posted photos of Alice using pilot parts and with words of impact on fashion, to see the feedback from the girls.

-I began Monday morning with a list of how much we have to pay for care during the week – Dhan account, which recorded everything on a small control agenda of the links and contacts made by him and Alice.

The big deal was to turn on speaker of the new generation of fitness and women more informal content to social networks, which approached most of the followers of the brand, with practice tips and healthy eating in pictures and videos. Suddenly, the social network of Alice was greater than that of Labellamafia, and that’s when she took the front and became the face of the brand, which has brought security to consumers, according to Dinesh. The followers are still taking questions and giving your feedback to Alice via social networks, and Dhan punctuates this factor as a differentiator.

-I went to College, but I’m not a designer, I’m not a fashion designer. I am a businessman, a trader who makes design. So the question we hear, both the factory and the customer, so we put it all together in a blender and then put in a product has made a difference. Currently new products are launched every week, and advertising campaigns are made simultaneously in physical stores and online. The fairs and fitness competitions are great showcases for the brand, which prepares products and special mass release campaigns. Are used Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and all the other social networks, as well as tools such as Google Adwords. The social media of athletes sponsored by Labellamafia also drives the simultaneous disclosure.

To get a sense of the scope of the label, a line especially developed for high performance called Ultimate, with leggings pants costing $100, was launched at the Olympia, which event sponsors: the pieces sold out in three days. In these events the Labellamafia fully equipped booths and also prepares a triumphal entry, with your entire team of athletes arriving at the same time, film! A team of muses and influencers athletes is part of the team, with names like the Venezuelan Michelle Lewin, Camila brazilian and Colombian Guper Anllela Sagra, which together add up to 7,500,000 of followers on Instagram. With the focus increasingly directed to the online market, the presence of celebrities happened naturally, mainly because of social networks. Famous as the player Daniel Alves, who is a great enthusiast of fashion, are among the fans of Labellamafia, and Dhan prepares some special pieces to illustrious friend. Alice, which has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, created one of the most commonly used hashtags in the application, the #hardcoreladies.

From the start, the duo sought a global communication for the brand, using Portuguese, English and Spanish. Dinesh used the term Ladies Attencion to the attention of the followers to the new parts in the posts. Alice used to call their practice practice drawn hardcore. One day mixed expressions and began to use the hashtag, which today has more than 760,000 posts.

– And thus began, after that she was competing at the Arnold and we did a pair of leggings from Labellamafia where it was written Hardcore Ladies, and even today is the best-selling pants-Dhan account, which complements like the hashtag, the lifestyle brand – especially the Alice Mandal-is something with the followers identify themselves completely.

The Labellamafia is present in all social networks, with different focuses for each region of the world, having something around 10 million users. The Miami Office and the marketing team drive business, which grow enough. The factory in greater Florianópolis employs 280 employees, and the number reaches 400 direct employees in the country, working to meet more than 1200 points of sale in Brazil. Are produced between 70 and 100000 pieces, sold wholesale and retail by e-commerce. The national growth of retail e-commerce last year was 140%, while the international hit the goal of accurate 467% in 2014. Dhan favors domestic industry, 99% of your production has brazilian raw material, because it believes that the textile industry of the country is excellent.

In Brazil, the Labellamafia has eight showrooms scattered through the South, Southeast and Midwest, and an international showroom in Miami. The brand grows worldwide fitness market, with fixed stores in 47 countries, such as Spain, England, Russia, United States and Australia, and through e-commerce reaches more than 90 countries. In Dubai you can find under the burqas more colored Labellamafia parts, as recalls Alice excited:

-In Dubai found a brazilian personal trainer of the Royal family of sheikhs. With her were several women who use underneath all that black burqa, which leave only the eye, Labellamafia’s clothes. And they love, the more color, more cutting, more sensual modeling, they love it. They train in private gyms for women only.

The Labellamafia’s fitness collection does not follow any trend or interference from other designers. Creation is fully legitimate, does not copy designs and develops new products within the proposed style, influencing other brands. The pieces are created thinking of Alice, what she would like to use, since you have a muse reference Dhan and attitude. No piece is passed without the final approval of Alice. The jeans line is inspired by the girls that work out, with pants that don’t get wide on cinturam and do not flatten the butt.

In may 2015, the brand launched your first male line, LaMafia. Was something unpretentious and organic, after all, the idea was to draw him to wear parts Dhan, without motivation or even space on the production of Labellamafia. However, just like everything in your story, it worked without planning. Some friends started asking the parts, and the entrepreneur fashioned to serve them. One of these friends was the presenter Marcos Mion, who is a fan of Labellamafia, suggested that the men’s collection was called LaMafia, dropping the “bella” in the nomenclature. Dhan presented the proposal to the commercial team, who soon bought the idea.

-By not having itself a direct concern with the sale, allowed us to experiment with new design perspectives. She has a very strong sporting influence, combined with a sense of high fashion and contemporary streetwear. The sales result was great, far beyond the expected – celebrates Dhan Puga.

Optimism is part of the personality of the Manager, who’s not scared of the crisis in which Brazil’s passing, and says it will continue investing in the company.

-If I told you that the crisis did not reach us, arrived Yes. In a fabric that gets more expensive, on the difficulty of close work with a Distributor and contracts with international companies, are getting more expensive there. But here in Brazil, I didn’t feel sales. All we did was in the chest, was our entire investment, we have no funding. I believe that if you have an innovative product, willingness to work and there is a demand for it, has everything to make it work.


Sold pieces: 70 the 100000 pieces per month

Wholesale: 70% of the parts manufactured

Retail: 30% of the pieces sold

Average price: $120 Wholesale/Retail R$ 250

Fixed factory staff: 280

Employees in Brazil: 400

Points of sale of Brazil: 1,200

National retail growth in 2014:140%

Annual international retail growth in 2013:470%