Knuckle Ring Trend

Today we are featuring a fashion very much in vogue among the American fashionistas that has taken hold in our country: the rings on the middle finger knuckle rings called!

The knuckle rings are very thin rings that are worn on their own or in groups on the first or second joint of the fingers, preferably accompanied by fanciful manicures and fashionable other brightly-colored, as it wants the nail trend for summer 2013.

“Knuckle” is an English term that literally means “knuckle” and makes reference to the knuckles, the articulation that we on the fingers, where these rings are worn. This is not a new absolute, indeed their origin is very ancient and trade are long, but now it broke a real fashion!

Although this fashion of the rings on the middle finger knuckle rings is very modern and fun, its birth dates back to the Renaissance, where the noble women loved wearing these thin rings around the phalanges superior to emphasize the soft line of the hands and stand out from the less affluent women, usually from the hands marked by hard work in the fields and, therefore, unable to bear so elegant rings on his fingers.

This fashion, however, was put on the back burner for hundreds of years, until in 2006 the famous store in New York Catbird, located in the colorful “alternative” neighborhood Brooklyn puts on the market these small knuckle rings to wear casually on all fingers of hands, consecrating thus the “style boho chic”, a kind of elegant and modern reinterpretation of the hippie style.

Here are some of the images Catbird store in New York who launched the fashion of the rings on the middle finger knuckle rings that lead to the first or second phalanx:

The fingers half rings of Catbird knuckle rings are real gold and silver, but by the time you have added proposals for jewelery really delicious, going from simple and thin whiskers in metallic colors and glazed versions, fluo, with crosses, arrows, bows, hearts, pearls and swarovski crystals, strictly to carry the group to the first or second phalanges for a fun look and brash. The most popular are the classic to record, as a bow or the symbol of infinity (an eight overturned).

Of course you can customize this style bringing even one of these knuckle rings rings, remember that they may be called depending on the brand that also proposes to “tea rings”, “memory rings” or “midi rings”, for a more sober style.

With knuckle rings rings you can experiment with bold combinations, bringing along with classic and elegant rings, but also showy and eccentric, the important thing is to remember to be always well-groomed nails with manicure impeccable: these rings put the spotlight on the hands and not there is nothing better than a beautiful vivid nail polish or a beautiful nail art to make them stand the best!

Where can I buy? The knuckle rings are already in many jewelry stores or fashion clothing stores, such as Forever 21, Claire’s, other brands that sell accessories (necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on.) Or on web sites, such as

What do you think of the knuckle rings trend that is leading to the first or second phalanx? You’ve seen them around? You wear them? Let us know what you think of the rings on the middle finger! We would like to buy a hundred!