Jumpsuits and Harem Pants for Women

Overall, jumpsuit or harem pants, bloomers: the new women’s fashion is extremely feminine and ultra casual at the same time – and this as comfortable as not many other garments! Overall, the fashionable body suit for the lady who was very popular in the 1980’s. Mind you not in the form of typical work or craftsman coveralls, but as figure-hugging women’s overalls made of fine and soft flowing materials. Just these overalls are now back and the perfect dress for your big show! In combination with high heels or wedge sandals, your overall looks very feminine and exciting. The jumpsuit is a very similar to the overall garment: while the name originally referred to the work wear of parachutists, is a tailored garment, which is also designed as one piece in today’s fashion world under the term jumpsuit. The jumpsuit comes mostly with long sleeves and legs, the jumpsuit is also equipped with spaghetti straps and short legs.

A beautiful variation of the jumpsuits is, for example, the bandeau jumpsuit, you get of course at Ruizesolar online shop. In the area of the cut casual pants, not only overalls and jumpsuits wait on you, but also harem pants and harem pants. The bloomers is a wide, breezy pants, which extends up to the knee and is closed there with tapes, to achieve the conscious pumping effect. Harem pants is characterized by its very low-hanging step, sometimes reaching to the knees. The result is the extremely casual look of harem trousers. Tip: So your pants or harem pants feminine and never acts like in the so-called baggy look, combine the wide pants best with a narrow top, for example a figure-hugging jumpsuit and harem pants for womn top. So your feminine silhouette despite further bloomers or harem pants comes beautifully. Whether you opt for the full body variant in the form of jumpsuits or a jumpsuit or a casual pair of harem pants or a short pants so want to: In the Ruizesolar fashion shop you will find your favorite model!