Jewelry Goes Outdoors – the Kar Jewellery Collection

This is unique in the world. A jewelry collection specially designed for outdoor use. Many people wear necklaces in everyday life. But, when it comes to mountaineering, rock climbing or canoeing, then the jewels are placed quickly to the page. But big is the concern that the favorite chains in the activities take damage. The new Kowal jewelry pieces are handmade and very robust. Christmas is just around the corner. Surprise your partner or your partner with something special.

Seven years ago, Bernd Kowalewski, the founder of the company, laid the foundation stone for its idea of the jewellery. She is sprung from the life practice. The women in his family were often home-made jewelry that often fell apart however with sporting activities and was therefore previously filed. With new high-tech materials, handicraft art, and the feeling for beautiful design, this exceptional Outdoorkollektion had emerged from it. Enjoy browsing in the Shop.

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Kowal blue wave necklace ladies

A wavy geschittener and polished, Afghan lapis lazuli means stone is the moving element of this hand-crafted Outdoorkette. The sporty design in blue base tone is compliant nestles in the neck. The quadruple braided corrosion-resistant stainless steel wire is very resilient and the Choker. The Kowal blue wave necklace is waterproof and can withstand temperatures of sauna. Especially people with allergies can enjoy since the materials to 100% for them are suitable. The chain is optimally tailored to your outdoor activities.

Kowal selection necklace ladies

The 14, cube-shaped, differently colored, real stones, which embed a stainless steel cylinder symmetrically in the necklace are the catchers. The four leather strap emphasises necklace especially the natural tone of Kowal selection and offers a pleasant wearing comfort. A user-friendly Stainless Steel carabiner closes the chain. This jewelry is water resistant, withstands high temperatures and has a capacity of long term. Whether you are hiking, climbing, winter sport, with this chain, you stand out.

Kowal masculine I necklace men

Kowal has not forgotten the men. Here a very appealing, masculine necklace for outdoor use, rough impression, pleasant wearing comfort. The look in Black/metallic design. The black lava rock in combination with two stainless steel cubes is to wear colour with many outfits. The central axis is made of titanium, the seal is a robust carabiner, mounted on a black leather strap. The choice of materials and the type of production, allows the Kowal masculine I necklace to wear for many outdoor activities.

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