Jeans Destroyed: Hot or Not?

The jeans destroyed existed for many years and always comes back in fashion, as in the footprint of the Punk years 90, nowadays this re-reading is much more urban. You can combine with various styles and looks to be a customizable part–although many shops sell the jeans torn, shabby and already destroyed wash, you can still put your hands to work and rip your further play.


Don’t make Kim Kardashian who put the two thighs out in this maxi-rasgo in jeans! If you have thick legs as she, the ideal is to opt for parts in dark tones to not make mistakes and with tears less evident.

The interesting thing is to embed the looks more behaved as with shirt, blazer and heels to look beautiful and stylish at the same time. For a sporty look, try using printed blouses, bomber jacket and boots or sneakers to get comfortable.

Separated five looks of celebrities that managed to make the jeans destroyed to your favor and were able to create looks real pretty. Naya Rivera cut quite the pants, but switched the location of tears: on one leg in the thigh and the other in the knee, not to mention that she is real skinny, so was not vulgar because it appears little skin!

Hillary Duff showed how the choice of the color of the pants is paramount to elongate the silhouette, combined with earthy tones and parts was very pretty. Ashley Greene already had the Sweatshirt and metallic footwear. High heels, Fergie and Rihanna showed how the jeans destroyed can be versatile and composing various looks. Now the question remains that won’t shut up.

Jeans Detroyed: Hot or Not?

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