Ideas to Surprise Your Bridesmaids

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Some time ago I talked to you about how much I like bridesmaids and say what they say, even if it sounds”americanada” to me, it seems to me that it is a concept that symbolizes something very nice, that the best friends of the bride Or the friends who most help in preparing the wedding to the bride have a special role in the wedding.
The custom says that the bride should send you an invitation to ask them to be your bridesmaids, just as I did here, and that you should make them a gift that they will keep for ever as a souvenir.That gift is usually a bouquet of characteristics similar to that of the bride. However, as you know the customs are changing and more and more are the brides that have bridesmaids and decide to surprise them with a more original gift.

That is why today I bring you ideas to surprise the bridesmaids.

Memories box. You can surprise them with a box in which you set some of the memories you share, be it photos, music, your favorite movie or pictures of when you were small. Do not forget to write a thank-you note according to recipesinthebox.

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Jewelry. It is a classic but a beautiful touch. You can give them a jewel that they can wear that day and that goes well with the dresses they have chosen. A matching pendant or bracelet will be perfect.

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Survival kit. You can also make them a kit with everything they need to not be a bridesmaid in trouble(hairpins, sewing kit, vitamins…). An original and fun gift to surprise them the day of your wedding.

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Party bag with message. Take care to give them the party bag they will wear the day of your wedding and sew a message of thanks in the lining of each one. Do not forget to include handkerchiefs. Surely more than one cry of emotion.

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Corsage. If you love the tradition of giving a bouquet to your bridesmaids but want to be a little more original, you can opt for a bracelet or corsage of flowers as an alternative. Whether with natural flowers, made of fabric or with artificial flowers is a comfortable and discreet idea that, moreover, will love.
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