Ibeauty: Watches, T-Shirts and Smart Fasteners

You know that in addition to the beauty I love the world of technology and today, again, I bring you news that unite both worlds.

In 2016 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, some interesting things have come forward to help care for our health through the wearables.


On the one hand Fitbit, the brand that started with that clip that helped us to control heart rate and distance traveled, which then threw his bracelet, has now presented Blaze, a smart watch, that focuses on the design, to control our health.

Some say that it planted face to Apple Watch or any of the high-end smartwatches. I don’t think so, honestly.

Devices of unique theme, such as health, I don’t know if they will go away. That you can answer a call or listening to music, but can not surf the internet or have the advantages of a smartwatch, leaves them in second place.

So the smartphones that incorporate good apps for health and welfare, will win the game.

However, the most powerful weapon of the Fitbit is the application that accompanies it and which enhances the Community (to fidelizarnos) and the gamification (to motivate us).

You will have to wait and see what happens…

Another proposal which has been presented in CES 2016 and it seems that he will triumph, are t-shirts and ‘smart’ clips.

Hexoskin, the shirt that takes care of you

Hexoskin is a smart with 42 thousand microsensors t-shirt, able to collect information on pulse, breathing, steps, speed, movements, sweating… While we exercise and even while we sleep.

This information is sent to the app that recommends us routines and gives performance reports.

You can dip, immerse and wash without a problem and has (this is what I like most) sunscreen.

It has rechargeable battery via USB which lasts 14 hours of activity and 1 GB memory to store data.

The price is high, 399 euros the first t-shirt with the storage devices and USB cable and 169 euros additional t-shirts.

OMbra, smart bra

And another interesting option are smart fasteners: OMbra, is intelligent biometric bra presented at the fair.

Also measures heart, respiratory frequency, sweating… and works almost the same as Hexoskin shirt but here, they have had to watch the most comfort and the price is lower, $150.

They are still expensive whims, but there is no doubt that the trend is there, and it comes stomping…