How to Wear Sweaters in Winter

Winter is in full force and announced only what we desire is to really warm up. In addition to delicious mulled wine and hot tubs we can bet on a stylish, practical and beautifully warm clothes. We’ll give you a little inspiration on how to bundle up against the cold in warm sweaters and cardigans.

Cardigan – Fashion centrepieces that does not age

In the shops we find them everywhere, long open jumpers, which has a lot of great and free – cardigans. He comes from a man’s wardrobe, as indeed are a number of clothes that we wear so happy. Cardigan is not in the fashion world, no rookie. A great enthusiast of this piece of clothing was a famous fashion icon Coco Chanel. She managed to create a timeless fashion statement full of femininity and elegance.

The big advantage is the cardigan that suits everyone really. It does not matter whether you are a willowy, or you have a few extra kilos. Even at the height does not matter. This type of sweater worn by young girls and mature women. Acting casually, unfettered, however, can be very elegant. In lean women will add to its ethereal nature and subtlety, plump ladies will appreciate, gently suppresses certain shortcomings pos Tavy and highlight strengths.

How to wear sweaters to make it not boring?

Neither the classic sweater does not have to be boring. Pleasant and cuddly sweaters beautifully warms and they can tighten your outfit to perfection. Large popular are the so-called maxisvetry which replaces dress nicely and fits the kozačkám and coats.Sweaters dresses are also very comfortable and feels gentle and romantic. You can dress them to punčocháčům or leggings and you’ll always get an original and interesting style.

In fashion also regularly returns sweaters turtlenecks. Although some women on a turtleneck unable or unwilling to get used to, they are not only practical, but also becoming. An excellent choice will also sweaters with Nordic motifs. Even you do not age and regularly returns to the fashion in many variations. Perfectly fits the pre-Christmas period and winter at all.

Proven security

If you like the classics, you can bet on a favorite sweater smooth. This year’s big trend are sweaters with glitter. It looks very elegant, but not everyone likes this style. Generally, the smooth jumpers stand out for their simplicity and natural beauty. Moreover, it is a great choice, a favorite material is especially cashmere, which is also very pleasant. Gold standard are sweaters decorated with buttons, which appear most often in brighter tones.

Knitted sweaters for everyone

Knitted sweaters certainly can not go wrong, or vice versa. Looser knits are stylish, comfortable and, moreover, again very flattering figure. The most material of these pieces of wool, which is again a very pleasant bite and beautifully worn on bare skin.

Unlike sweater hoodies we can be worn almost anywhere, both at work and in society.The offer is again very rich and just select the one that will best meet your expectations.Ladies sweater can also be a nice gift under the Christmas tree or just for fun. Winter is still long, it’s time to bundle up properly.