How to Wear Long Skirt in Winter

The long skirts are elegant feminine pieces that fit well for any profile. With the winter, the stores begin to show even more of these beautiful pieces in the window, something that glimpses the look of women. 
However, what often happens is that these beautiful pieces, when they are bought, end up in the wardrobe, because at the time of dressing it seems that nothing matches.
Here historyaah provides some tips on how to wear long skirts in the winter, to take these pieces of the wardrobe on and come out in high style.

There are several types of long skirts, some that go to the foot, others that are a little less fulfilled. Some are stamped, others are of a single color, others are made of spliced ​​cloths. There are those in hippie style, gypsy style, classic style, the most round, the straightest. Anyway, there are many types of long skirts, all fall very well in winter and some even in summer. But here we will only talk about its use in winter.

If you bought a long skirt and do not know how to use it to look good, first make sure you liked the skirt on your body. Some people look prettier in rounder skirts and others look better with straight skirts or glued skirts. This will depend on your style and how you see it in your body.
If you really like the skirt, but do not know what to wear, have an inspection in your wardrobe, see if it has long sleeves and glued, can be second skin or similar and get all you have. This type of blouse is the one that most fits with the long skirts in the winter, but other types also combine, as long as they are accented and with thin and light cloths.
If the style of the skirt is classic, the turtleneck sweaters are even more elegant, on top you can play rum bolero with thin cloth and slightly wider sleeves, glued to the wrist. Choose the blouses that are closest to the skirt, without getting too long or too short. If it’s too cold you can carefully wear two sweaters, tucking them into the body so that they do not carry the look, it looks like you’re wearing only a sweater. To do this, always put the blouse more glued underneath. For the more intense colds, scarves and scarves on the neck also fall very well.

The ideal shoe to wear with long skirts in winter are boots or scarfs, if the skirt shows a little leg or is cracked, a pair of black pants or smock can give refinement to its charm. The shoe should preferably match the blouse and / or the chosen bag. Medium or larger bags with a more rustic or simple style are the ones that look better with this style of clothing.
Always remember to combine colors well. If you wear a blouse of the same color as the skirt, it will look like a long dress, it may look cool, it depends on what you want. If the skirt is colored the ideal is that the blouse is a neutral color, not to load the look.
Blouses with lace details will add an even more romantic and charming look to your winter look. So simply when it comes to matching clothes and accessories with her long skirt, there’s no reason to leave her in the wardrobe in the winter. Dare for other combinations, try your clothes with her to see what fits well. Use and abuse.