How to Wear Colored Jeans

Yet some few years ago it was thought that colored jeans can only carry a maximum of girls or girls, teenage girls. But fashion is inherently change the most unexpected way and now female colored jeans have become popular not only among young people-today they gladly wear ladies much more venerable age.

Wherever Wear Colored Jeans?

In the summer all your favorite jeans familiar steel colors seem bland and uninteresting. To inspire the brightness in the closet and it does not stop wear comfortable thing, buy a bright and modern color jeans or color. They brighten up your wardrobe and will become in him a bright accent.

Jeans most fit into the everyday style of dress. And if they still and color, they are ideal for urban, beach, club style. If you want to wear them to work, then do not choose bright, acidic shades and stay bezhevom, gray, olive, blue colors.

Summer colored jeans can be worn and a journey, and walk to the beach and even a romantic date-they will surely bring in an ensemble note of positive and it will highlight.

What Color Jeans?

  • Today fashionable jeans all colors of the rainbow-for example, salad, orange, coral beach, purple, pink, turquoise colors.If you want to buy such a thing, but fear too bold decisions, select blue colored jeans and just not regret! Color modern, flexible and at the same time quite neutral.
  • It is also quite interesting look colored jeans with different drawings and prints, for example, flower, with zverinыm or abstract printom etc.
  • Another hit-this is the model effect “metallic”, which are particularly stylish look young girls and bring in the way of pushing the glamor and chic.
  • Finally for fans of more traditional models of jeans with colored seams.They may be familiar colors, but a row of colorful threads make them much more interesting and original.As for size, most often in fashion boutiques can meet tight colored jeans. At this Faso they look their best. Popular and colored denim pants or Capri-the most successful option for dlinnonogih beauties in the warm weather of godinata. Sashto also appear classic and burned variations of color jeans, but they still are not as popular.

What Color Dress Jeans?

By purchasing colored jeans should be taken into account that they can visually add a few kilos on top so that it is worth only wear one of those girls who are confident in their beauty figure according to calculatorinc.

Since the focus will be on precisely jeans, top is better to choose neutral, free cut. Black, white, dark blue, brown, cream, beige, gray – these colors are best, they will never go wrong. The bright jeans will look great with black silk jackets or beige kardiganom. If you are going into an office, wear bright jeans with striped pidzhakom, shifonovoy bluzkoy or female white shirt.

Now we move on to the selection of shoes. Since color jeans, especially if the island of Capri can still visually shorten your legs, it’s extremely important to take him right shoes to reduce this effect.

Shoes or sandals with high heels or platform-the right decision. If you can boast length of your feet, then boldly shoe ballet flats, sandals or shoes at low current, tanketke. Footwear is better to gather under his top ensemble. In no case should be combined in color with jeans – it’s the height of bezvkusitsы.

Once properly have taken the upper hand and shoes, we liked each fashion jewelry. But if we want to reinforce the impression of bright low, jewelry, etc. is better put it into a ton.

You can also tie a scarf color kosыnku threw tippet or female cervical tissue in tone jeans or top. Her hair is desirable to decorate the edge zakolkoy or elastic in color.