How to Wear A Scarf

Scarf tied with taste, create greater sophistication to your look and warm during the cold season. The scarf has become a necessary element in the locker room not just any woman, but every gentleman. It is primarily designed to protect the neck from the piercing wind and frost, in the damp, cold weather. use a scarf to prevent colds. There are many ways how beautiful and fashionable to wear a scarf.

Simple node

Single node is one of the easiest ways to tie a scarf fashion. Scarf therefore ought not to have been bound for the thick knitted. Scarf tied regular node, and can be worn on a hot day when you need a little isolated, but not to look at the same people came together to conquer the pole.

Now how to tie a scarf single node. Throw your scarf around your neck so that one of its ends is longer than the other. Over the long end of the cover plate and the throat, which covers the upper chest. If the free ends of the scarf to throw it back, it will be warm and the shoulders and the upper part


Node node-the most fashionable and beautiful way to wear a scarf. To tie the knot in Paris should take the scarf in both hands, folded lengthwise, wrapped around the neck, loose ends through loop and tighten slightly. The degree of tension Paris node depends on the thickness of the scarf and susceptible to regulation. Optimally it will look with a stylish leather jacket. If the weather is very cold, it is possible to hide the ends of the scarf in the jacket or coat and higher to attach the zipper.

Free Single Node

Free Single Node is rather a tribute to fashion, it will give you more elegance, but hardly warm.This method of tying the scarf will look great with a light jacket or coat, but with excessive down jacket will look more extravagant. The pegging it as simple and single, but less heavily delayed.

Double knot

Double knot as a Parisian knot. It will be particularly relevant is during the cold season. If you like the Parisian knot, you can easily start and a double without sacrificing warmth. But it is necessary to lower the collar outerwear, because this node is quite extensive.

Tied double knot quite difficult. Would throw a scarf around his neck, one of its ends to be much longer than the other. The longer a wrap around the neck twice, not much austerity. With practice repeatedly, you can easily wear a scarf this way on very cold days. You will feel the difference immediately! Ideal for outerwear features a stand-up collar. The free ends of the scarf can be filled in on the coat to create extra heat.