How to Wear a Decent Shirt | Useful Tips

For a while I figured out how to start wearing shirts and not look like a new cushion. I wanted only the positive qualities that she could offer me, including being in line and elegant. Would it be possible for me not to become a little uncle on the rise?

A brief parenthesis is needed here: this article aims to make the aesthetic thinking behind one of the most classic pieces of our clothing understandable, and thereby give tools to those interested in using them to benefit from the psychological values ​​of Fashion (fashion is different from trend).

So if you do not wear pink because you’re a girl color, you do not buy clothes because it’s silly, you know that fashion is a woman’s thing, I can not do anything for you, your conservative opinion has already done all the work necessary.

Now to the willing , I hope you enjoy and have fun with reading. Today I believe I can help you to shorten some paths and make them do well in different situations. Yes sir, we are talking about the subject that will illuminate your doubts, which at the same time will leave you imposing in a meeting with the boss or handsome in a meeting with the betrothed.

It’s time for the Basic Guide to the Use of Shirts or GBUC  (after all acronyms always make everything more respectable!): How to wear shirts without looking like a thigh.

1. Find Your Size, Champion!

Remember the time when your mother always bought you a few more clothes? You were growing up, and you could always get fat with the homemade gnats and grandmother’s cookie.

Well, if it is not an anomaly of nature, keep in mind that you will not grow. So, the most basic rule of all is needed: buy clothes for your current size. Of course, your weight may vary a bit depending on some casters or holiday parties, but in most cases, it is constant.

Taking these measures as a basis, buy clothes that have the model fit (not “stuck”) to your body.Clothing with the right cut makes you more athletic, with the most harmonious proportions of the body (read “more attractive”) and, especially, are also a sign that whoever is wearing the piece is fully aware of who is and what is What weight it occupies in the world (with pardon of the pun).Always keep the balance in mind.

To break this rule encrusted in our minds by sweet years of maternal affection is difficult, but once broken, we are free to dress as a man.

2. Empty Collar, Devil’s Workshop?

For a long time you have been induced (one does not know for sure who) to a cruel and authoritarian rule:

The use of a suit implies wearing a tie

Do you remember who taught you that? Well, I do not either. It’s time to remember who’s on our necks!

In addition to a considerable thermal rise (the use of the tie can increase the thermal sensation of the body by up to 4 degrees), the piece, if poorly combined-which is much more common than we have noticed-does a disservice to the elegance that She herself should provide.

An example: with a simple knot on a collar of distant ends you automatically gain an air of “suffocated by the thankless life”, already with a robust knot in a collar of near ends you turn in a moment the free encyclopedia seller in the early morning and That’s because we’re not even talking about combinations of colors and stripes!

I think both impressions are not the most exciting, are not they? Less pain then, my friend. Add a shirt with its correct size, with cool cut and a collar of “responds” to a suit of good trim (and length), subtract the tie and finite ! We now have a dashing air of who is not only a current person but who also knows exactly what he wants.

Stand out without having to draw attention. Exactly what everybody wants for themselves. Always remember that wearing safety is automatically relayed to the wearer, take off your tie and be happy.

3.  My Friend, The Tie!

What the hell ?! I just told you to abolish the tie and now comes this little story of “my friend” ?!

The third point of our GBUC  reminds us of the most important universal rule: that rules are shit.That’s right, young man. Especially fashionable, they should be used only as guides that show you ways and not as commandments pierced in sacred stones. After understanding them, the second step is to break them, or rather to use them to our advantage.

The tie, when well used, can give us a serious look and at the same time charming and strong. You do not have to wear a blazer or jacket to wear a tie. With good shoes, slim trousers , a nice cut shirt and a simple tie, you can be extremely stylish and stripped at the same time, so you need to know some information.

In that case, the cool thing is to use the folded 2x cuff cuff (doubling once will only appear to have stolen your father’s shirt). The first button on the collar is loose, using the tie to keep your collar from turning into Charlie’s blasphemous things in Two and a Half… it ‘s important to use the shirt inside the pants, otherwise the look It would be nice to become sloppy.

4. Warrior-It’s Time To Tame Your Wild Collar!

This is a short tip, but very important, and would be the only one I would tell you never to break at all. No matter how beautiful, imposing, showy, different or whatever, when in a blazer or jacket, control your Cuban urge and keep it within the region where the shirt is.

Nothing to leave the neck points out in the blazer, this just gets cool and “charming” if you’re a gigolo or you’re in the 70’s. I believe that’s not the case.

I bet my castle that you did it (in a distant time, distant and dark in the interior of SP until I did!) At some party or graduation, already more loco, there was you to leave the collar out, all over the jacket, Well … now you can keep going, but without looking like your name is Jimmy and you have some quality girls to introduce me to.

Get drunk, but keep your manhood.

5. Posture, Soldier!

If you decide to use all the tips I’ve given you, know that they will be nothing without item number five of our list, the soul of a shirt, the holy grail of presence: The Posture.

That’s right, the most important point to know how to wear a shirt the right way is not about colors, modeling, ties or jackets, the main thing is how you dress when you’re with it.

A few examples can help you better understand what I mean: Remember that guy in the company who is very quiet, shy even, that no one ever knows when he is celebrating his birthday? Yeah, I’ll bet he walks a little bent (but not much), with his head always a little down to see where he steps and does not disturb, of course. And that guy, the ” pop” at work? He talks loudly, he’s almost strong, almost fat, almost cool … he walks with the big bust out front and his arched arms are almost aerodynamic wings thrown back there.

As you can see, personality is totally tied to posture, so keep an eye on my youngster! Stay well-informed and understand that this is not synonymous with Physical Therapy, but with Attitude. To make your life easier, I quote here 3 examples of posture that are firm, but not locked.

See some movie with the guys and understand better what I’m talking about: Marlon Brando , Steve McQueen and Rodrigo Santoro (yes, that’s right). Now you can stay a little more relaxed the next time you wear a shirt, no looking like a bad guy, let alone the dreaded “modernete”.

After all, you’re just a man, and men are like that, simple, well-resolved… and men.

To those who got excited about the idea of ​​shirts, my brand is with 7 models in the outlet of ecommerce, I hope they do not oppose the idea of ​​this short divulgation, after all, not only texts live a man.

Thank you for the company.