How To Use Necklaces Mix!

The use of several accessories to decorate a same look continues in high and after the pulserismo and the ringing is the time of the mix of necklaces.

Which woman does not love an accessory ??? Even if it’s a delicate pearl necklace?

Accessories are almost as important in a woman’s wardrobe as the clothes themselves . For, they can value the look, emphasizing the style or adding touches of another, adding information to the personal image.

In fact, our personal image passes a certain message and each accessory would be a word of this message.

In recent seasons the use of many accessories at one time has been a trend and now it is the turn to use the mix of delicate necklaces or not, it depends on the user.Fashion that already comes from time and disseminated in modern times by the diva Coco Chanel.

Tips On How To Use Necklaces Mix:

– Before choosing your necklaces, choose your look and observe the shape of the neckline.For each, there is a suitable collar model.In addition to the neckline, the top of your clothing should be more neutral, with no prints or extravagant details, not to “quarrel” with your necklaces.

– After choosing the neckline, check the style of your look and choose the necklaces to emphasize the style or add some other that matches your personality. It is possible to mix delicate necklaces (easier) or even more dramatic (larger), and common sense is necessary. If you think it was strange, it probably was.

– The more stripped styles like the beach and the boho chic combine very well with mix of necklaces, however the mix works even with the classic style like the several strings of pearls, want something more elegant ???

– Today, the freedom to put on a look is very great, there are no explicit or rigid rules for the use of necklaces mix according to, you can mix with the braceristismo or anelismo (easier), however be careful not to become a tree Christmas or an accessory shop window. If, when looking in the mirror, you notice that your accessories appear more than your own image, then it is better to decrease the amount, after all who should shine is you, do you agree?