How to Take Good Care of Your Lingerie

If you invest in quality is likely to have extended expiration date, but to maintain the integrity of the pieces, you need to take good care of them. Some basic care can make all the difference. For starters, have one or two drawers just to accommodate your underwear. Ensure space and ventilation and after use it pay close attention to washing each item.

Panties and bras should not be stuck in the washing machine if you expect them to last. Especially if you have lace, Ruffles, if they are synthetic fabrics or color. Lingerie is delicate garment, which must be washed by hand and very carefully, with coconut SOAP or mild soap specially produced for this purpose. No products such as bleach, or chlorine bleach. The laundry detergent and fabric softener does not pose a threat, but should be avoided because they contain perfumes and dyes that can cause skin irritation.

Separate the parts before washing: hand, colored white on the other. Mix it all can result in blurry parts. Another tip on how to make the lingerie last longer is to not let the panties of sauce, especially if the fabric has strong colors, as this can also cause stains.

After washing, do not twist the pieces, put out only one squeezed to remove excess water. A trick to dry her panties faster is wrap in a towel and squeeze. Let it dry in Sun weak and avoid using the dryer. Just collect the lingerie of the Clothesline when dry, never store the parts if they are still wet.

And then comes the question: I can’t wash my panties in the shower? Yes. You can, as long as I take cold shower (hot water destroys the fabric and elastic) and face as a prewash that will be completed later. Forbidden is to hang the underwear for bathroom, since the cat can enter and run into that improvised Clothesline! And also it can prevent them from drying out as they should, free from fungi and humidity.

Bras, tops and corsets should follow the same careful washing line, without sudden movements but with plenty of SOAP and water to eliminate residues of perspiration. Time to hang, avoid fasteners too hard, look for rubberized or protectors, avoiding marks, do not overreach the parts not to wear them and don’t leave them exposed to the Sun for too long. Must be dried as natural as possible and then one more piece of advice: never iron if they are lycra, lace or embroidered. Cotton panties can be passed, but avoid the heat reach the elastic.

Time saving, care is also essential, especially when it comes to padded Bras, which must be kept open and queued. Another option that facilitates a lot of time to get the pieces to the drawer – even for a trip! -is the BRA, available in stores of brand! If you prefer to hang them make sure you have space in the wardrobe and hangers for that purpose.

Are basic care that will help you keep your lingerie for more time and always beautiful, fragrant and well cleaned. No underwear is made to last forever, but avoid losing pieces chosen by you or by your cat.