How to Survive The Seven Employees Who Live in Tents

The shopping a religious experience, can be as you can remove you intestines. And part of the result depends of the seller with whom you are. It’s one kind of Bingo that sometimes you have luck, others not so much and on special occasions get Jackpot (something amazing!). With how dependent you are facing when it comes to go and buy? I have here 7 possibilities It found loose in shops.

He runs the 100 meter dash

There are some employees who do not need to sign up for the gym. For what if already practicing sport in each workday? You will recognize them since van running from tip to tip of the store with dozens of clothes in hand and are doing free kick to put them in place. Arriving at home their bodies bruised and packed with shoe laces…

He predicts the future

Behold the Seer seller: before asking anything responds with a resounding NO. But if you don’t know what I’m going to say! No matter that you ask for another size or another color, his mouth always will be a no, sorry.

The stalker

Holabuenosdiasenquepuedoayudarle, buscabaalgoenespecial? Siquierealgomeavisaqueestareencantadodeatenderlo. The stalker, would who ever not been found with the? Tea loose phrases without first pull your answer and after you look at every step giving. Touch of a garment to explain that model are few sizes and feel great, look toward the showcase dress you will explain what it is made and if you intend to take a pledge to observe it closely it will catch you hands and will place you on the tester. His eyes fixed on your neck as you approach the door, and out of the store (without buying anything) will become an impossible mission.

You don’t know, don’t answer

Do you know if this dress is white? I don’t know.

And you have something similar? I have no idea.

Do you know where are the short summer dresses? Search for there, I do not know.

Here is the clerk who does not know or does not respond to anything. No matter what it is, you will always answer with a legendary I don’t know.

People tend to look over the shoulder

This reminds me of Pretty Woman: you walk into a designer store, prices are skyrocketing and a strange feeling dependent feels superior to you. You have a let flanked that does not like and in a nano second has made you a scanner up to low by calculating the value of your outfit. If it exceeds a limit of price this is going to get the ball to, if on the contrary you come not by no means be ignored and chuleado. Seeing is believing (appearances are deceptive pretty!).

The seller in mass

You will recognize them by those that go along with several buyers with hope in his face. It is the seller that helps everyone regardless of whether you are busy or not… Your mind is full of calculations and solve each order as soon as possible. You will never find it only, always goes in herd…

That happy day

My favorite, the Nice shift which happy morning with very little. Whether it is a good day! across the entrance of the tent, a sincere smile, or a chance comment at the appropriate time. One goes out (with bag in hand) with a smile from ear to ear knowing that have made you happy day with very little. Thank you!

There is much variety released by the shops, just have to be prepared for what you are going to find.