How to Style Striped Pants

Contemporary fashion allows us to stand out, and even casual wardrobe to make it a little more interesting and original. Pants with stripes, for example, only attract the attention of others to man.

How to Choose the Striped Pants?

Contrary to popular belief, striped pants fit girls with any type of figure. But there are a few factors that must be considered when choosing yellow pants:

  • If you – the owner of slim figure, then “green light” – you can buy pants with vertical, horizontal and even diagonal.
  • Very thin fairer sex are advised to stay on the horizontal bar, you can choose bright colors.
  • If you plump and do not want to become an object of ridicule, then buy pants with vertical stripes – make visual hips and legs are – longer.
  • It should also be remembered that stroynyat thin strips, thick, conversely, to add volume.

From What to Wear Striped Pants?

Designers and stylists are advised to use only one thing in a striped dress. This is, as always, must be based on a sense of measure, set for office or holiday. Black and white striped pants look great with black or white shirt or blouse. Such strict, but at the same time feminine and elegant costume can turn into your favorite dress for work.
It looks stylish combination of blue and white stripes. Marine style would be appropriate not only for the rest of the beach, but a walk. Pants perfectly complements tunychka snow-white or light top.
Lovers of bright colors may consider pants with yellow, orange, green, red stripes. The most solid and better choices, so that it is in harmony with the color of one of the groups. Mike alcoholic, T-shirt, loafers, or clogs help create a carefree bright image.