How to Style Colorful Pants

5 Look Ideas With High Color Pants

For this new shoot #Iamnotamodel, I wanted to show you that the style is not intended as models for magazines. I also want to prove that the adage “do as I say not as I do” is not at all that of writing I can not stop you offer looks built from colorful pants; I decided to show you how I the door!

My look with blue pants

In this first outfit I chose to show you how to combine shades of one color and add any other. So I went on a light blue skinny jeans Asos, a knitted mesh sweater H & M blue and gray and green Feiyue shoes. A subtle blend made from only three colors for a casual look pretty city and ideal for the weekend.

My look with red pants

The red pants has often been debated in menswear. Who knows why… This second look is very “sailor” with pants red chino home Nodus and a sailor in navy blue and white striped home Bizzbee. For shoes, I left on the same colors but in lighter versions. Here’s a look blue, white, red, part of the seaside spirit but can also do well in the city.
If the weather cools, you can add quite a small navy blazer to stay in the spirit of the outfit.

My look with a water green pants

I opted for a more chic look with this third figure. I simply wanted to show you that you can wear bright colors and yet have an elegant outfit and a sophisticated strand. For that, I left on a green pants water straight cut at Bershka and blue collar nightgown found at Zara. This gives a nice contrast side “chic” look at this. Finally, I added a beige briefcase bag and a black laptop shell.

My look with purple trousers

This is the fourth proposal plays more urban, with pastel colors that blend perfectly with the urban landscape. So I wear a soft purple chinos and a white long-sleeved shirt with a floral pattern fashion watercolor, both home Nodus.
This look may seem too “soft”, however, it is very fresh and well in line with the coming season. Colorful does not (necessarily) mean flash!

My look with a pink pants

Yes, gentlemen, I have already told you that a man can wear pink . This look is one that threw me on vacation. I immediately imagined the waterfront, walking barefoot on the sand to join friends at a beach restaurant. Do not you?
So I decided to wear a pastel pink pants and a white bib collar tunic unearthed Zara. Nothing else, because this look is meant to light and air.But this holiday strand can very well imagine for the city.

Here is how I wear my colored pants. No yellow or orange just because these colors do not suit me complexion, but if this is your case, please, gentlemen! I dare strong colors but not “flashy” to stay consistent with my personality. And you, what is your favorite color pants? Photos Gaëlle Brissaud