How to Style a Black Dress

Black is a color traditionally reserved for funerals and evening formal events, also known as “black tie” event. Due to its versatility and its tendency to act like a color “slimming”, the black color found its way also in casual clothes. In both formal and casual outings more enjoyable, coordinate pairs of color with another. This leaves the man with the challenge of matching a link with its own combination with black dress of his day. Choosing the right color and pattern are the keys corresponding to a tie with a black dress.

Black Shades correspondent

Inspect the black shadow on the dress. black shades vary in color. For example, sequins or silk dress can be a smoother or brighter shade of black that is best suited to a link that has a shine to it, like a silk tie. Select a link that is muted, like a tie tweed fabric or fabric to match a dress that is matte black.

Fashion style

Select a link that is free to the style of the dress. If the dress is longer and more formal, longer and slightly wider than usual tie is a good accompaniment. For a shorter or more casual dress, a slightly shorter and narrower tie is a better match. Bow ties are also a good choice if the event is formal.

Selecting a pattern Tie

Choose a tie model that will go with both the dress and your own costume. A free black suit must be worn to match the dress. Pinstripe suits are more formal. Wearing a striped tie with a suit pinstriped, that bands tend to compete. A pattern of dots or squares that are geometrically proportioned compliment scratches. Standard bands complement a strong suit.

Choose Tie Color

Choose a link that has a base color that matches the combination. A solid black tie is optional. In addition to match the dress and the dress of women, the color of the tie should also go with the color of the man’s dress shirt. Although a white shirt is standard for black suits, light blue and pink colors are also acceptable dress shirt. Wear a tie that accent colors that match the color of the shirt.