How to Shop for Mens Underwear

Underwear is vital to the impression we leave your partner and unlike women who devote have the privilege to choose from mnozhstvo proposals, the men that choice is possible quite recently – see our special website for reviews, information, photos and video of underwear. However, if you want to leave pleasant memories in the head of a woman should better choose their intimate clothing. This article will give you 5 important tips to apply when selecting lingerie:

  1. Always the same.  Never, but never buy several pairs of identical boxers / briefs. This would make every lady to doubt your personal hygiene and after 2 or 3 meetings to terminate its relationship with you.

How to Shop for Mens Underwear

When you find your model and matter, just pick a variety of colors and patterns.

  1. Combination taste. It is important to match the color and model of underwear with the other clothes. It would be quite striking in black slacks and your beautiful gray shirt be submitted signal yellow panties. This reduces the chance to get the desired attention from the fairer sex hundredfold.
  2. Bet on simplicity. If you are wondering how to make an impression and be remembered, I recommend you bet on simple tones, forget strange patterns. Looks great when underwear highlights realities, and not scream “I like Scooby Doo and I’m not ashamed of it!” Believe the woman next to you in time you will find your personality and without underwear is painted on you.
  3. Under the measure. Mandatory when choosing underwear size is accurate. Too wide or too narrow, it can easily kill any romance. It is important that you are careful, it shows your gentle mate that you care about yourself, you keep the details and especially to her. The ladies like men maintained and pay attention to what is not seen by anyone.
  4. Be extravagant, but not too. I have noticed a tendency among men to try to be different, but often go overboard. We women like the fact that you tried to insert a playful tone in his clothing, it attracts attention and is often an occasion for a chat. But please, do not appear in the first meeting with lace or leather thong underpants, this is too much. Playful inscription of underwear is fun and spikes and chains – unacceptable.

Gentlemen, there is nothing more attractive to a woman from a selection of underwear. When you next time select outfit, perfume and shoes for the next meeting with your lovely lady, be sure to take its due time.