How to Save on Clothing Where It Is Better Not to Save?!

The temptation to look for something cheaper in time to buy your clothes is strong, and in many instances justified, but there are some items that are the summary of the “cheap comes out expensive”, as for that your price drop is necessary to open the hand of quality and style, the pillars of a good men’s clothing. See below for a list of these parts and suggestions to try to save money without sacrificing what is fundamental:

How to Save on Clothing Where It Is Better Not to Save

Suits and costumes

It is possible to differentiate a suit or custom cheap an expensive look, even though they are made with the same tissue type, the copy more accessible always has big problems when it comes to fit, quality of fabric and design. The economy turns out to be expensive, because the costume didn’t last as long, it gets ugly in the body and harms your style.

Solution: You do not need to buy a suit Zegna or Armani, but try to aim high at the time of choice, seeks to ignore for just a moment those mall stores that promise a custom cheaper than a sweatshirt and go to places where you know that there is a greater concern with excellence, if the values are too high, watch for sales and try to find out stores outlet of the brand. Another solution is to look for a tailor, a piece made under the measure may not be as expensive as you might think.

Note: if you have to open hand of an element of the suit to be able to buy it, that is the fabric, the wool, the cold increases the costs of the suit, but it can be replaced, especially if you don’t live in a very hot, since the trim and the design compromise too much if left out.


Winter clothes

When I see a jacket I like I go straight to look at the label to know the composition of the external tissue, the lining and details, if the presence of synthetic fibers is very high, I step! The problem is that any item of this type made of wool or leather it costs out the wazoo! On the other hand, it is pointless to save and buy something that will only last one winter, it is expected that a jacket or coat classic be with you for a long time.

Solution: for those who already have a wardrobe of winter that secure the ends and just want to reinforce it the best thing is to wait for the settlement of the station, preferably by the third or fourth week, when the prices really drop below 50%, keeping the clothes purchased for the next year.Those who do not have this option have to search a lot to not to buy the wrong (has coat around made of polyester and sold for a thousand real only because of the label) and appeal to promotions in the off-season, bazaars and outlets, will probably purchase the items of the past winter, but when the choice is for the classics it doesn’t make the slightest difference.


Shoes the social

The brazilian is quite sloppy on this point: it spends 900 dollars in a tennis gaudy, but not spends a third of it in a shoe social decent! The good specimens are made of leather, with leather and exquisite workmanship, book the rubber soles for models casual and funky, in which case they are accepted. The problem here is not only visual, but also affect the comfort, because hardly a shoe cheap will be pleasant to use.

The solution: search for brands to know which are the ones that match your taste and has values accessible, because not all of them are extremely expensive. Stay tuned also for the stocking-stuffers at the end of the collections, when there are few numbers of each model and the option is to lower the prices, opening the way for the new collection.

Note: you must Accept that those shoes remember are going to end up with your feet and probably has serious problems of style, but if you want to insist on them stay tuned to your composition, and do not leave to try them on in the store



Here the quality speaks loudly, there is no magic, good glasses, sun or prescription, need technology, good materials and a perfect design to work. A frame made of acetate is of good quality will last a lifetime, metal parts assembled with skill do not loosen for any reason, the format and weight of the piece will be decisive at the time to judge the comfort and the style will favour your face, enhancing his features, save in this case means appeal to products with doubtful taste, and the material of the second, made by people little enabled.

The solution: ask for a favorzinho to the one your friend who will travel to the outside does not cease to be an option, the european shops usually do good deals, even the glasses not being as expensive there as they are here. There are outlets specialized in Brazil, rarely the discounts exceed 20% or 30% and in some models it is not enough to transform the product into something really accessible, but it is still a way to save.

Note: not entered into the merits of the quality of the lenses, I think that is not accurate, isn’t it?


Bags, backpacks and folders

These are the items that suffer the most: the bags you carry weight, are with us all the days, are subject to the bumps and scratches – often being left on the ground or in some place the unprotected – and are still suffering from the effect of the climate, so it is not an exaggeration to say that they must be well made and sturdy, but are exactly these factors that results in the product, causing many men to petition for something cheaper.

Solution: here we have a case of the more complicated bags and backpacks that are worth having rarely come on to the promotion, when a lot of earn a descontinho unimpressive, that is, it is likely that you will have to shell out an amount a bit high for an accessory of quality, but I’m sure that will be an investment with a guaranteed return.

In short:

  • Always cherish the quality of the product, including a good design and fit, decent;
  • Look to balance your shopping, nothing to spend 900 dollars on shoes and 100 in a shoe social;
  • Search for new brands, many of them have price more affordable and are striving to deliver a perfect product without the weight of a brand of luxury by inflating the value;
  • Never open the hand to give the one passed in the outlets, bazaars and special sales;
  • Stay tuned for sales, but do not buy as soon as they start, generally the values fall from the second or third week of discounts;
  • Glasses can be a good order to be made with the one your friend who will be traveling abroad, since you have already proven the model and be certain of the choice;
  • Low quality products, in addition to not have durability, damage your visual!