How To Protect From The Cold On The Bike

Cycling is a sport that is gaining new followers every day. In addition, it is a practice that became part of people’s routine, because more and more people use the bicycle as means of transport, is to reduce air pollution, is to stay in shape.

However, cycling can be tricky in bad weather conditions because the cold generates negative effects on our body. In Our site explain how to protect from the cold on the bike so I can enjoy this hobby with tranquility.

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Cold and bike

Both elements can form a perfect combination if you know its main features. In this case, you should know that to ride a bike in the cold must be properly prepared, both in relation to the clothes and the accessories used.

Extreme cold is considered a situation in which a cyclist is exposed to temperatures below zero degrees centigrade. In addition, your thermal sensation will be different depending on the place. If you are coming from the center of a great city to the periphery, feeling cold increases notably, although the thermometer continue equal.

Suitable outfit

For cycling with extreme cold care must be taken so that, in addition to comfortable, you’re protected. For this, nothing better than a good base layer long sleeve to retain the warmth of your body. So she lasts the longest amount of time possible is also advisable to wear clothing without zippers.

Also, look for a jacket suitable for the outer layer. Many brands manufacture these parts intended for cyclists, but the best are those whose interior is composed of materials that do not let the cold get away and they have an outside covered with waterproof elements, to protect from rain water like recommended on estaterealest.

Accessories against cold

Just as with clothing, think of the appropriate accessories so that they protect you from the cold. Think of boots that don’t let pass neither the cold nor the water and, if you can, get a nice neoprene cover for the boots: they completely insulate your feet to avoid the feeling of frozen feet.

You should do the same with hands and head. Buy a pair of winter gloves acceptable thickness and especially: they are waterproof. It is also important that under the helmet you wear a hat that covers your head well. You can complete these accessories with a range that covers your neck, especially if it is wool.