How To Properly Choose Your Backpack?

Whether you go out alone for a few hours’ walk or to go for one or more days in the mountains, we have the backpack you need! Discover all our tips to correctly choose your backpack and prepare it.

First of all it is important to adapt the choice of your backpack and your preparation for the activity that you are going to carry out. For this reason you have to analyze the planned route on 2 main points: the duration and the unevenness of the crossing.

To facilitate your choice, we identified 3 major types of activities associated with 3 types of knapsacks.

Do you like to walk for a few hours in flat or reduced slopes?

For this activity, Quechua has developed the arpenaz and exhaust ranges

For example, the Escape XC 22L backpack will be perfect for this type of outlet. Transformed into an accessory for the trip, it can also be used daily and on a trip.

List of the indispensable ones to carry you in the backpack:

– 1 liter of water
– a bar snack cereal
– a waterproof rain cutter

Do you prefer to go to the mountains for a few days?

We recommend using a backpack with a capacity of 20 to 40 liters. If you do trekking with children, choose the largest size to carry the least possible weight.

List of indispensable:

– 2 liters of water per person
– lunch
– cereal bars
sunglasses and sunscreen-an additional layer of polar type
– a waterproof layer
– a hiking map
– a photo camera to immortalize your experiences
– you can also provide hiking poles Forclaz type 300

Finally, there is also the itinerant journey.

When immersing in the mountains day and night, with the tent or in a shelter, you need to be able to endure several days. The capacity of the ideal backpack is between 50 and 70 liters, even 40 if you have planned stages in shelters.

For your comfort, these backpacks often include technologies that facilitate adjustment.

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In addition, Quechua offers you lighter backpacks to accompany you further and for much longer.