How to Match Jewelry and Watches

The watches are once again on the rise, and it is possible to combine with various types of jewelry and accessories thus creating productions considered incredible. And so if you are wearing a clothing of the same color, it is interesting to happen using a different color clock so you can highlight and draw attention to the accessory. And even if the idea is to have a more serious look, look for watches that are more neutral or still color, as is the example of brown, beige, as well as silver or gold. Watches and small jewelry are to be used on a daily basis, but at night try to mix and dare in all colors and their models.

About the combination of clothes

The clothes end up composing the accessories but it is important to be careful with the visual pollution, the look always has to talk to each other, and therefore do not exaggerate in the prints of clothes and still in the accessories, in the time of realizing its production, is It is important to take care and balance with clothes according to mathgeneral.

It is interesting to make it clear that dressing up with your best pair of pants and still a nice shirt might be totally in vain if you use a watch that is old and also worn. So it is important to have three watches, one for each special occasion, and a casual, or even a sports one. So that it can match any type of clothing you are planning to wear. The great trick is mainly knowing which one to wear and with which so you can combine the same well together.

So it pays to put all your clothes on the bed, to get an idea of ​​what your style will look like after all, whether your look will look beautiful or even heavy. It is also interesting to mention that everything will depend on your taste and style, but that common sense is the key to all the beautiful look, so enjoy these tips and look at the visual.